Rapid Detox Centers

While there is no shortage of rapid detox centers opening up around the US, there is the need to use caution when choosing a facility for treatment. Not all rapid detox processes are considered safe. Be sure to choose one that utilizes the Waismann Method of safe and effective rapid detox.

Don’t Trade One Drug for Another

Many rapid detox centers simply substitute one drug for another and leave their patients addicted to the drug that helped them stop using opiates. We don’t believe that’s the right approach when it comes to freeing patients from the bondage of addiction.

Our facility is the most respected rapid detox center in the US, with two decades of expertise in administering leading-edge treatment. Reach out to our admissions team with your questions or chat live with a Rapid Detox agent now over our website.

Additional Benefits

Opiate addiction has caused a serious overcrowding issue in addiction centers. Conventional detox took many days and typically required patients to sign up on a waiting list for treatment. Thanks to Rapid Detox by the Waismann Method, patients rest comfortably under sedation during accelerated detox that takes approximately 2 hours.

Follow-up Treatment

Detox is not a cure for addiction in itself. After the body has been cleansed of the drug or substance, residential treatment is highly recommended. We can make the transition from detox to inpatient treatment a seamless one so you can get the help you need immediately after detox. Relapse prevention is our primary goal for every patient.

Sleep Through Detox

If you could wake up from sedation already having gone through the worst of the withdrawals associated with detox, what would that mean for your recovery? We find that many of the phone calls we receive at our facility are from addicts who are fearful about the pain and discomfort associated with detoxification. When we explain the Waismann Method of rapid detox, and the fact that the entire process takes only a couple of hours, our callers are very receptive to having treatment- in fact, we have a nearly 100% success rate in helping patients complete treatment at our rapid detox center.

Affordable, Effective Treatment

The cost of rapid detox is considered to be very reasonable. The Waismann Rapid Detox costs are all-inclusive for complete treatment and inpatient professional care. You can learn more about the costs by clicking the ‘About’ link on our homepage r by using our chat widget to speak with a detox specialist from our rapid detox center.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and get the help you need today. We can admit you today, and you can receive accelerated detox treatment tomorrow- just call our detox facility for additional information about our method. If you wonder what detox will do for you, the answer is it will change everything. There’s no need to be anxious or fearful about pain or discomfort. Call us now to take the first step.

Rapid Detox
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