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Florida has a wide variety of Opioid Addiction Treatment and Detox Options. Exclusive drug rehabs in Florida, from Miami to Tampa, cater to almost any specific amenity you might need. However, when residents cannot find the right Rapid Detox in Florida, their best option for an opiate detox facility is to fly to California for the #1 Rapid Detox Center in the World. That detox center is  Waismann Method®.

When patients seek safety and individualized care, medical detoxification is always the best option. Furthermore, a private accredited opiate detox facility offers a high level of care and privacy combined with a serene environment. These factors make the detox process much more comfortable, resulting in a higher success rate.

Prescription Opiates and Heroin Addiction

Addiction to pharmaceutical drugs and heroin has significantly increased over the past few years in Florida. The state has also been in the news for being a  popular destination for international drug trafficking and money laundering operations. The state is surrounded by vast coastlines, providing drug dealers access and the opportunity to smuggle heroin and other drugs into the country. Heroin is increasing in popularity due to the lower cost and more ‘bang for the buck.’ This highly potent drug produces a quick, intense high, making it uniquely addictive.

In addition to drug trafficking, people can obtain opiate painkillers through many other diversion methods. Popular methods include pharmacy theft, forged prescriptions, online pharmacies, and illegal sale and distribution from healthcare workers with access to these pills. According to the DEA, Tampa is considered a central hub for internet diversion. On the other hand, doctor shopping is becoming less frequent due to increased regulations and prescription drug monitoring programs.

Popular opiates such as VicodinPercocetDilaudidmorphine, heroin, and Fentanyl can be incredibly addictive, especially for those taking these drugs for long-term or high doses. Most people will need professional assistance in opiate detox facilities. Even when patients take medications only as prescribed, addiction is sometimes inevitable. First, a tolerance develops, meaning the same dose no longer has the intended effect. People often take more of their medication to obtain the same pain relief level. At this stage, people may turn to illegally diverted pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, people in Florida and other states find that these are somewhat easy to obtain.

Finding the Best Rapid Detox in Florida or Opioid Detox Facilities

Florida offers many options for drug rehab and opiate detox facilities. However, opioid withdrawal often requires medical management to ensure safety and successful detox completion. The Waismann Method has one of the highest success rates in history for opioid treatment. The staff medically assesses patients’ unique needs to identify the best treatment protocol. In addition to Rapid Detox, there are several medical protocols available. Our treatment is unique, and we modify each detoxification according to the patient’s needs.

It is entirely natural to fear undergoing an opioid treatment, regardless if it is a rapid detox or an opioid treatment. That is why it’s essential to know all the facts when choosing the best program. There is a vast amount of information you can find on the internet; surprisingly, a large number of people choose a particular opiate detox facility while knowing very little about what goes on.

Is Waismann Method® Treatment Available in Florida?

Other centers might try to convince you that they are in some way related to the Official Waismann Method Opioid Treatment Center, which is misleading and dishonest. Although many treatment programs try to use similar names or procedures to piggyback on our success; please don’t allow them to fool you!

Waismann Method was named after its founder Clare Waismann SUDCC II / M-RAS in 1998 since the center has concentrated all its efforts in one single location worldwide, California.

Our experience, the multiple certifications of our medical director and our clinical team, cannot be duplicated, explains Mrs. Waismann. We have successfully treated thousands of patients from all over the world. They fly to California, where we receive them in the airport and take care of them around the clock from admission. We care for them throughout their stay; We are proud to offer patients a comprehensive detoxification program. We don’t promise unrealistic overnight cures, and we do not condone those who do.

Here are some of the unique Waismann Method® benefits:

  • You are admitted to your own room in a JCAHO-accredited hospital.
  • Admission happens the day before detoxification under sedation. This provides adequate time for a comprehensive medical evaluation and necessary stabilization pre-treatment, both essential steps to ensure safer and smoother detoxification.
  • Opportunity to be treated by our quadruple board-certified medical director, Dr. Michael H. Lowenstein. Dr. Lowenstein has the most experience with sedation detox in the nation.
  • Several medically assisted detox options are available for those who are not candidates for anesthesia detox. Patients’ histories and medical needs are different. And so should the treatment they receive.
  • A few days of around-the-clock post-detox care at our exclusive recovery retreat, with several therapeutic services, including one-on-one psychotherapy. Your loved one should not be responsible for supervising you as your whole body finds a new standard—opioids change many organs and essential functions of your body. Once you detox, your system will need to adapt and find a new normal, and your loved one should not be responsible for assessing your progress. Furthermore, emotionally, there is a lot of anxiety and fear that can surface. Having professionals assisting you during this fragile period is imperative for a successful recovery.

Opiate Detox Facilities in Florida

If you have been looking to find a Rapid Detox in Florida, you should first do your homework and decide on the most critical factors. You should also consider treatment success and safety and determine how much anesthesia detox the treating physician has. Ensure we provide the Rapid Detox offered in Florida procedure in a full-service accredited hospital. Only a hospital has a vast amount of medical resources at hand.

It is crucial to have the desire to quit to complete detoxification successfully, but motivation alone isn’t enough. It is essential to have adequate expert assistance from professionals at opiate detox facilities who can help you. Furthermore, compassion, structure, and support can make the process much more comfortable. We have successfully detoxed patients from all over the world. You don’t have to fear seeking help due to painful withdrawal and stigma any longer. You can now begin making positive moves towards a better and healthier future with rapid detox in Florida.



The goal of professionals at Waismann Method is to help you overcome withdrawal in the most comfortable, private, and safe way possible. Whether using heroin or prescription painkillers, it is always preferred to receive trained medical professionals’ support and guidance through the withdrawal period.  Whether the detox center calls their procedure “Rapid Detox,” ”Accelerated Detox,” or “Anesthesia Assisted Medical Opiate Detoxification,” there is a significant difference between the programs.

Ask questions, research the treating physician, and ensure you are provided an adequate facility and have enough inpatient time. Your safety and comfort depend on your choice.


Individualized All-Inclusive Anesthesia Detox in 5, 7, or 10 Days.

We are proud to offer the most recognized and best rapid detox center in the USA for over 25 years. Call us today for individual drug treatment options.

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