The first step toward freedom from opiate dependence is getting through successful detoxification. Rapid opiate detox is a procedure that rapidly induces withdrawal while the patient is under anesthesia. This process is hugely successful because it allows the patients to complete detoxification while they sleep. Also, the use of Naltrexone or Vivitrol post-detox greatly assists in minimizing physical cravings.

Does Rapid Opiate Detox Work?

Various rapid opiate detox protocols have been developed since Dr. Norbert Loimer experimented with anesthesia detox in 1988.  The issue is that not all rapid opiate detox centers are as safe as they claim to be, and not all doctors providing this type of procedure are as knowledgeable or as honorable as they seem. Rapid detox centers that claim overnight cures to addiction are misrepresenting and hurting the reputation of rapid detox and those who provide such treatment.

Which is the Best Rapid Detox Center in the U.S.?

These factors will help you distinguish reputable rapid detox centers from all the others.

  1. The treating physician should be a board-certified doctor with a degree from a reputable educational institution.
  2. Treatment should be provided in a full-service accredited hospital. A too often skipped step due to financial gains.
  3.  You should always have a private hospital room. Although having patients share a room is a joint event in second-rate detox centers, this mishandled practice elevates the patient’s risks and discomfort—another common approach to boost financial gains.
  4. Overnight rapid opiate detox centers are “dangerous.” First, doctors must ensure safety, and medical staff must know patients’ current health conditions. Secondly, it is crucial to know everything the patient has used or ingested before the detox for at least a day. When combined with detox drugs, medication, and even food in the patient’s system can cause an unexpected adverse reaction. For that to happen, a comprehensive inpatient physical evaluation needs to occur the day before rapid detox.

For over 24 years, people from all over the world have chosen Waismann Method as their opioid detox provider.

We know the challenges you face and the importance of creating a unique and personal experience for you right from the start.
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Waismann Method® medical team includes some of the pioneers in the field of rapid opiate detox. The team is led by medical director Dr. Michael Lowenstein, multi-board-certified in anesthesiology, addiction treatment, pain management, and regenerative medicine.

Dr. Lowenstein is the most experienced sedation-assisted detox doctor in the nation. Furthermore, Dr. Lowenstein and his team have maintained one of the country’s highest opioid detox success rates for over 24 years.

Understanding Opioid Dependence

When a person becomes physically dependent on opioid drugs, the brain experiences a surge of chemicals that control pain while also causing feelings of pleasure and euphoria. Specifically, chemicals such as:

  • Dopamine
  • Norepinephrine
  • Serotonin

Seeking to experience those feelings, an individual will continue taking the opioid and increasing frequency. However, with continued use, the brain adapts to the substance by adjusting its natural production of those same chemicals to maintain equilibrium. In other words, neurochemical spikes from the continued use of opioid-based drugs cause the body to reduce or cease its natural production to compensate for the fluctuations. This reaction can cause a person to become physically dependent on opiate-based drugs.

What Are the Benefits of Rapid Opiate Detox Over other Drug Treatment Programs?

When a person becomes dependent and tries to stop using opioids, they will likely experience withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal begins when the drug’s half-life expires and is no longer active in the bloodstream. Withdrawal symptoms can cause a tremendous amount of physical and emotional distress. For this reason, withdrawal is much safer when under medical supervision.

An inpatient medical detox allows doctors to ensure patients’ safety by continually monitoring vital signs and managing physical discomfort. If you consider how long withdrawal from opioids like methadone and Suboxone can be, rapid detoxification is often the best choice in achieving complete opioid detoxification.

Rapid Opiate Detox by Waismann Method®

In 1998 Waismann Method® Rapid Detox Center opened “its first and only location” worldwide. Today, patients worldwide continue to fly to California for this exclusive treatment.

We provide our patients with the following:

  • A nearly 100% success rate in completing opioid detox.
  • You receive a private hospital room for more comfort and undivided attention from treating medical professionals.
  • Sedation for ONLY 1 to 2 hours instead of archaic protocols that takes over 4 hours.
  • The safety of being in an accredited hospital with extensive medical resources.
  • The treating physician is a quadruple board-certified M.D. with more than twenty years of anesthesia detox experience.
  • No possibility of cross-addiction to MAT drugs such as Suboxone and Methadone.
  • Ability to start Vivitrol or naltrexone therapy immediately because patients are entirely free from opioids.
  • A better chance for a patient to pursue and complete follow-up therapy, emotional care, or other treatment, if necessary.

Accelerated Detox: Health Risks, Benefits, and How It Works

Undergoing rapid opiate detox in a full-service hospital under 24/7 medical supervision is much safer than going through withdrawal at a rehabilitation center. People can have numerous unnoticed side effects from withdrawal in drug rehab, putting their health at significant risk.

Rapid opioid detox is a safe treatment option when performed:

  1. By a board-certified anesthesiologist with extensive experience in anesthesia-assisted detoxification
  2. In a full-service hospital that provides access to numerous medical specialists and immediate medical support, as well as additional resources with no inpatient time restraints
  3. Based on a comprehensive physiological evaluation conducted at the hospital the day before the detox procedure
  4. With FDA-approved medications to ensure safety and comfort
  5. In a private ICU room with a physician’s undivided attention
  6. Without any rush for discharge

Discharge should depend only on a patient’s physiological readiness and not a preset timetable. Additionally, patients should spend a few days in a specialized recovery center where professionals can assist patients during the crucial and challenging regulation phase that follows rapid detox. Patients adjust to being opioid-free and consider any necessary therapy or emotional care during this time.

One of the reasons Waismann Detox® has such a record of success is its high safety standards. Medical monitoring in the hospital, followed by professional support in a recovery center, makes Waismann Detox® a safer rapid opiate detox option than most others.

What are the Risks of Rapid Detox?

Like any other medical procedure, one of the most significant factors in eliminating risks is the treating physician’s responsibility, experience, and ability. Anesthesia detox has proven to be a successful method of opioid detoxification when performed correctly. It could become the future standard of treating any opioids, including prescription painkillers and heroin.

Although rapid opiate detox is not for all patients, it is a safe, comfortable, and effective option for people who cannot get through detox, especially those dependent on long-acting narcotics such as methadone and Suboxone.

A preliminary medical history review and consultation enable the medical doctor to determine whether the patient is a candidate for anesthesia detox. The doctor completes a comprehensive patient evaluation before detox treatment to mitigate potential risks. During the patient’s hospital stay, constant monitoring and care are designed to prevent discomfort and immediately respond to any issues.

To learn more about rapid detox benefits and risks, call us today at 1-888-987-4673.

Which Is the Best Rapid Opiate Detox for You?

When considering the best rapid opiate detox center, you should determine the most critical aspects of treatment. When you create a list of what’s important to you, you can assess different treatment providers. Evaluating the following aspects of treatment can help you make your decision:

Medical Safety

  • You gain peace of mind when you know that the opiate detox treatment facility has all the medical resources you might need. Complications are not expected, but if one should happen, you want to know that the medical team can immediately respond with in-house specialists, equipment, and medications. Only a full-service accredited hospital can provide this high level of care.

Extensive Accelerated Detox Experience

  • The medical doctor performing the rapid detox should have extensive experience and known accreditations. This background equips the doctor to treat various patient types with different medical challenges. It also means he can tailor a rapid detox treatment to your unique medical needs. Additionally, it assures you that you’re in qualified hands.

Opiate Treatment Privacy and Comfort

  • When you are treated in a private hospital room, you benefit from the peace of being treated one on one by your doctor. You do not have the distraction or concern of another patient in the same room with you, ensuring your privacy and discretion.

How Much Does Rapid Detox Cost?

The all-inclusive rapid detox cost is:

$19,800 for five days, $21,800 for seven days, and $24,800 for ten days inpatient. Let us explain in more detail all the services you will be receiving.

All-inclusive means you can fly on your own. We will pick you up at the airport and take you for your admission in a private hospital room of a full-service accredited hospital. Yes, we said “private hospital room.” You don’t share a room or your doctor’s attention with a stranger when you go to your cardiologists, and you surely should not share when going through medical opioid detoxification.

What are the All-Inclusive Services?

After admission, you will receive a comprehensive medical evaluation while being comfortably medicated. The medical team will check your heart, lungs, liver, and other vital organs to ensure accelerated detox is the safest and most effective treatment approach.

You may think,” What if you find out something is wrong, and I cannot undergo detox under sedation?” Well, the good news is, if there is something wrong with your health, this is an excellent time to find out because, in an accredited hospital, medical specialists are readily available to consult or intervene. Furthermore, patients can receive a Vivitrol shot or oral Naltrexone therapy to control cravings. But the best news is that because Dr. Michael H. Lowenstein is the most experienced rapid detox doctor in the country, he almost certainly will find a way to tailor the medical detoxification to get you off opioids safely and successfully.

So, as you see, we don’t treat our patients with a cookie-cutter recipe. We also do not promise unrealistic overnight cures nor miracles. More importantly, we take the time and attention needed to provide you with the safest, most comfortable, and successful medically assisted opioid detoxification you could find.

But wait, this is not where our services end. Most people do not understand that although detox under sedation is a medical procedure that rapidly removes opioids from your receptor sites, it does leave your entire metabolism trying to adjust to an opioid-free state. This transitional period occurs while your endorphins are just starting to return, which usually leaves people hypersensitive to any discomfort.

What does that all mean for you? It means that you will likely need a few days of professional care and supportive medications after rapid detox. Even though a loved one has the best intentions, they are usually not adequate to help you navigate this critical period. For this reason, the Waismann Method Rapid Detox cost also includes a few days’ stays at our exclusive recovery center.


Domus Retreat- Our Exclusive Recovery Center

Domus Retreat is a place where you will receive much-needed physical and emotional support. A very intimate and private environment where we provide you with around-the-clock professional care and supportive medications. At Domus, we help you:

  • adjust sleep patterns
  • control anxiety
  • regain strength
  • establish all other essential functions opiates use has compromised

At Domus, you will also receive a private suite, individual sessions with our expert therapist David B. Livingston LMFT, and several therapeutic-healing services. All of this is included in your original payment.

So instead of asking, “How much does rapid detox cost?” when you are doing your research, ask this, “Am I getting the time, attention, and care I need to detox from opioids safely?”

What is the Shortest Stay for Accelerated Detox?

As you research rapid opiate detox treatment options online, you might see ads from treatment centers claiming to offer “48-hour detox,” “accelerated detox,” or “detox in one day.” Make sure you understand what they mean, especially in terms of:

  • The amount of time you are placed under anesthesia.
  • Whether they limit your inpatient care to a specific amount of time regardless of your medical condition.
  • What kind of aftercare do they provide?

Waismann detox uses modern, proven techniques, so sedation is limited to a short amount of time. Outdated rapid detox methods employed by other treatment centers used extended amounts of general anesthesia in the past.

Detox Individually, Confidentiality, and Privately

  • Waismann Method® team provides treatment based on individual health needs. We do not predetermine protocol type, length, or hospital discharge date. The medical director
  • As fast as a rapid drug detox can be, it is not a miracle answer but a medical procedure. The process depends on your age, health, and metabolism. No exact time or protocol can be preset. Instead, a comprehensive assessment should determine the adequate detox protocol and inpatient length of stay.
  • Opioid dependence causes extensive chemical and organ dysregulation. Providing patients with the adequate recovery time necessary to stabilize is imperative.

Official WAISMANN TREATMENT™ of Rapid Opiate Detox

We are located exclusively in Southern California. The center offers the most advanced, safe, and private anesthesia detoxification and other medically assisted protocols for opioid detox in the country. Patients travel to us worldwide to receive one of the best opiate addiction treatments available.

Waismann Method® is the most recognized and respected opiate detox treatment in the country. Over two decades of reputation, offering rapid opiate detox with superior results and exceptional care.

Don’t get taken by promises of overnight cures and false claims of success.

We are the official and ONLY facility in the world providing the Waismann Method® Accelerated Detox.


Waismann Method® patients are not put in rooms with other patients, and we do not use a one-size-fits-all treatment protocol. Our clinicians provide a thorough assessment to diagnose and address your specific opioid detoxification needs accurately. We have been setting the gold standard in rapid opiate detox since 1998. When people suffer from opioid use disorder and look for the best rapid detox in California or the world, they choose the Waismann Method® Treatment.


For more information on accelerated detox options, call us today at: 1-888-987-4673