Rapid Opiate Detox Risks And Benefits How To Choose The Best Rapid Detox Center?

What are the Benefits of Rapid Detox Over Other Drug Treatments?

When a person becomes dependent on opioids, the brain experiences a surge in certain chemicals. Specifically, chemicals such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. These control pain and also cause feelings of pleasure and euphoria. Seeking to experience those feelings, an individual will continue taking the opiates and often at an increasing frequency. However, with the continuous use, the brain begins to adapt to the substance by adjusting its natural production of those same chemicals, in order to maintain equilibrium. In other words, the neurochemical spikes due to continued use of opioid based drugs, cause the body to reduce or cease its natural production to compensate. That is how a person becomes physically dependent on opiate based drugs.

Now, when the person who has become dependent ceases or decreases consumption, he or she will experience withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal begins when the drug’s half-life expires and is no longer active in the bloodstream. The symptoms are often very painful, and it can be a tremendous amount of physical and emotional distress. It is much safer and better managed when under medical supervision.

An inpatient medical opioid detox means doctors are present and ensure patients safety by monitoring vital signs and managing physical difficulties. With this goal in mind and considering the longevity of some opioids like Methadone and Suboxone, Rapid Opioid Detox became the best choice to ensure patients would successfully overcome the withdrawal phase.

Is Rapid Detox a Safe Procedure?

Rapid Detox is a safe treatment option when performed:

  • By a Credential and Experience Anesthesiologist
  • In a Full-Service Hospital, which provides a number of different medical specialists, additional medical support and resources and no inpatient time restraint.
  • With admission a day prior to detox, for adequate evaluation and pre-medication to ensure safety and comfort.
  • In a private ICU room and with the physician’s undivided attention.
  • Without any rush for discharge. Discharge should be based on patients’ readiness and to a recovery facility, where professionals can assist with this crucial and challenging regulation phase.

Choosing the Best Rapid Detox Center?

When considering the Rapid Opiate Detox, an initial task should be to determine what is the most important factors for you.

  • Medical Safety – Knowing that you have a full medical staff available if needed; Extensive Rapid Detox Experience and tailored treatment based on your unique medical needs.
  • Treatment Privacy and Comfort – Being accessed and treated individually and in your private room.
  • Cost – It is important to understand what you are receiving when considering costs. Rapid Detox Centers have cut on the quality of the facility, inpatient time allowed and level of medical care, so they could offer cheaper rapid detox and treat more patients; subsequently, patients’ safety and comfort are compromised.
  • Time – Through the web, you will find ads stating: 48-hour detox, accelerated detox, rapid drug detox, detox in one day, etc.

As fast as a rapid opioid detox can be, it is not a miracle, and it depends on the speed of your body. There is no exact time how fast one will get through the full process, and there should not be a pre-set rule or premature discharge. Opioid dependence causes a massive chemical and organ dysregulation. It is imperative to provide pre and post inpatient recovery time for the necessary physiological stabilization.

What does the Waismann Method® of Rapid Opiate Detox Offer?

Waismann Method is located exclusively in Southern California. The center offers the most advanced, safe, and private anesthesia detoxification treatment in the country. Patients travel to us from all over the world to receive one of the best opioid addiction treatments available.

The Waismann Method is the most recognized and respected rapid drug detox center in the country, due to a nearly 20-year reputation of exceptional care. We are the only facility in the world to offer the Waismann Method®.

We do not squeeze patients into a one-size-fits-all treatment protocol. Our clinicians provide a thorough assessment to make sure we accurately diagnose and address your opioid detoxification needs.  We’ve been setting the gold standard in Rapid Opiate Detox for two decades.

Waismann Method® of Rapid Opiate Detox:

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