21 Years as the Best Rapid Detox Worldwide

Rapid opioid detox by the Waismann Method® provides the safest, most effective, and successful anesthesia detox available. Patients who seek the best opioid detox treatment fly from all over the world to our exclusive Southern California Rapid Detox Center. Here, they receive individual care from a quadruple board-certified M.D., in a private room at an accredited hospital, followed by a short stay at our exclusive recovery center. This additional professional support ensures the comfort and success of each patient.

What Is Rapid Detox?

It’s a procedure in which a board-certified anesthesiologist sedates the patient and gives FDA-approved medications to clear receptors of opioids. As a result, rapid opioid detox reduces the discomfort and duration of acute opioid withdrawal.

Rapid detoxification is also known as anesthesia-assisted detoxification, accelerated opioid detox, and ultra-rapid detox.  The most famous center is the exclusive Waismann Detox.

This fast, safe medical detoxification process completely removes opioids from a patient’s pain receptors, even for those on high doses. Furthermore, we customize the Waismann Method® detox protocol to meet the patient’s unique needs based on a comprehensive medical evaluation.

Waismann Method® Rapid Detox Center

Use caution. It is important to remember that not all centers follow adequate safety protocols. Surprisingly, some try to cut costs by providing treatment in surgical centers where immediate and vast medical resources are not available.

Rapid detox is safe and successful when in a full-service hospital and performed by an experienced board-certified M.D. Only an accredited hospital can provide different specialists for consultation and immediate emergency care. Generally speaking, this extensive availability of resources provides a much safer, more comfortable, and effective opioid detox process.

 Rapid Detoxification Centers – Risk, Benefits and Differences

One of the safest and most successful treatment options for someone suffering from opioid use disorder is a medically assisted detox. A safe detox from opiate drugs requires patients to stay in a full-service accredited hospital for a few days. During that time, the medical staff provides patients with around the clock supervision pre- and post-anesthesia detox. Additionally, providers should conduct rapid opioid detox in the safety of a private ICU room. With this in mind, an experienced board-certified anesthesiologist and his team can give a superior level of care necessary to the patient’s safety and comfort.

Inpatient medical opiate detoxification is one of the most beneficial forms of treatment available to come off opioids. For patients to overcome withdrawal, their treatment must focus on them and not on preset protocols. Hence, a comprehensive inpatient physical evaluation the day before procedure is crucial for the treating doctor to determine the best and safest way to proceed.