Why We Need Rapid Detoxification?

The Best Way to Get Through a Physical Withdrawal is Rapid Detox centers

While there is no shortage of rapid detox centers opening around the US, there is a need to use caution when choosing the best or even safest facility for treatment. Not all rapid detox centers are following the adequate safety protocol or are in a full survive hospital..Consequently, the well being of the patient and the result of the treatment is often put at risk. If you are looking for two decades of experience, accredited hospital and multi board certified physicians, make sure to choose the Waismann Method for a safe and effective rapid drug detox.

It is also important to ask what drugs are you given through detox. Sadly enough many programs that call themselves rapid detox centers, simply substitute one drug for another. Drugs that are buprenorphine based like Suboxone offer leave patients addicted to the drug that was supposed to help them stop using opiates. We don’t believe that’s the right approach when it comes to freeing patients from the bondage of addiction.

Our facility is the most respected rapid detox center in the US, with 20 years of expertise in administering leading-edge medical treatment. Reach out to our admissions team with your questions or chat live with a Rapid Detox expert now over our website.

Many people struggling with opioid addiction, would do almost anything to overcome this condition, but they are not able to overcome the pain of the physical withdrawal. Opiate withdrawal is a painful and sometimes lengthy process. Fortunately, Rapid Detox, also known as accelerated or anesthesia detox, is a method which successfully reverses opioid physical dependence while patients rest under sedation.

The Waismann Method® Opioid Treatment Specialists is the most effective, recognized and respected rapid detox center in the United States. We are the only facility worldwide, to offer the Waismann Method® Treatment. Also, our patients are fortunate to receive the knowledge of 20 years’ experience in Anesthesia Assisted Rapid Detox, a Quadruple Board-Certified MD., treatment in an Accredited Hospital, Private Rooms, and an Exclusive Rapid Opiate Detox Recovery Center.