What Is Rapid Detox?

Rapid detox is a procedure in which a person is sedated by a board-certified anesthesiologist and given FDA-approved medication to clear the patient’s system of opioids. At our rapid detox center, this medical treatment of opioid detoxification under anesthesia accelerates the opioid/alcohol detox process and significantly reduces the discomfort and duration of acute withdrawal.

Rapid detoxification is also referred to by various other terms, such as anesthesia-assisted detoxification, accelerated opioid detox, naltrexone detoxification, rapid opiate detox, ultra-rapid detox, and Waismann Detox®.

This fast, safe medical detoxification process completely removes opioids from a patient’s pain receptors. Each detox protocol by Waismann Method® is designed to meet the patient’s unique needs based on a comprehensive medical evaluation.

Risks, Benefits, and Differences in Rapid Detox Centers 

One of the best treatment options for someone dependent on opioid drugs is inpatient detox. A safe detox center, such as our rapid detox California center, requires patients to stay in a full-service, accredited hospital for a few days. A hospital provides comprehensive medical supervision pre- and post-anesthesia detox. Furthermore, rapid detoxification should be conducted only in the safety of a private ICU room where a board-certified anesthesiologist and his team provide the care and the individual attention necessary for safe, comfortable and successful anesthesia-assisted opioid detoxification.

Medical detox is considered the most beneficial form of detox for opioid drugs today. With that said, treatment needs to focus on the whole person and not merely on preset protocols to overcome withdrawal. A comprehensive inpatient physical evaluation should begin at the start of treatment to provide the treating doctor with information to determine the best and safest detox path.

Is This Type of Drug Detoxification Safe?

While there are many centers offering anesthesia detox opening around the world, people need to use extreme caution when choosing the best rapid detox center . It is crucial to remember that not all centers follow adequate safety protocols. Also, many are trying to cut costs by providing treatment in surgical centers where immediate and vast medical resources are simply not readily available.

Rapid detox is a safe and successful procedure when provided in a full-service hospital. Only in a hospital setting are different specialists and medical resources immediately available for consultation and assistance. This broad availability of resources and personalized care allows for a safer, more comfortable and effective detoxification process. The lack of proper supportive resources can result in unnecessary suffering, an emergency need of transportation to a “real hospital,” and even immediate relapse.

Best Rapid Detox for Over Two Decades

Rapid detox by the official Waismann Method® is known as the safest, most effective and successful anesthesia detox available. Patients fly from all over the world to our Southern California rapid detox center where they receive our 20 years of experience performing rapid detoxification care from a quadruple board-certified M.D., treatment in a private room at an accredited hospital, and an exclusive recovery center to further ensure the comfort and success of our patients.