Dignified Rapid Detox

  • Board Certified Anesthesiologists
  • Full Service Accredited Hospital
  • Over 14 years Performing Rapid Opiate Detoxification
  • Unparalleled Safety Protocols

World Class Recovery

After the procedure, it is paramount that patients are monitored properly for at least a few days in order to regulate basic functions and prevent medical complications and immediate relapse.

Patient Testimonials

“I never knew how much my life could change in 6 days....”

“This is a smart way to rid your body of opiate dependency without going through withdrawals.”

The WAISMANN METHOD® (W Method™) is the safest rapid opiate detoxification treatment in the US

Operating in a JCAHO accredited full-service hospital where all medical resources are immediately available, The Waismann Method or rapid detox can safely treat high risk opiate dependent patients.

Not only do we meet the most rigorous standards in health & safety, we also treat our patients with respect, dignity and compassion.