Rapid detox cost is an important factor to consider when exploring the various opiate detoxification programs available. Rapid detox from opiates – defined as a medical procedure where drugs are given to rapidly accelerate withdrawal symptoms – can be expensive. Still, it should be weighed against the potential benefits and other methods for treating addiction. This page aims to provide readers with more information on the costs associated with rapid detox, including what you can expect depending on your particular situation and what you should expect from providers. Read on to find out if this treatment option might work for you or your loved one!


What is the Cost of Rapid Detox?

To evaluate a rapid detox program’s cost, you first need to know what you will receive.

One of the most successful methods of opioid detoxification is rapid detox. As industry leaders in this methodology, the Waismann Method team has helped thousands of people find freedom from opioids much faster, safer, and more comfortably than they ever thought possible. We’re proud to report a nearly 100% success rate for opioid detoxification. First and foremost, legitimate and responsible medical care begins with a comprehensive inpatient physical assessment. Then, our highly trained medical director works with the patients individually to determine the treatment protocol that best meets their individual needs. Finally, a treatment plan is tailored to each patient to ensure comfort and the highest possible success rate.

Perhaps you’re curious about the typical rapid detox costs, or maybe you wonder if you can afford this type of detox program. No matter which treatment program you choose, we encourage you to learn about the financial commitments, what you should expect, and the cost difference between centers. Also, learn about the people you are going to entrust with your care. Rapid detox providers offer different levels of services, and no two facilities are the same. For this reason, be sure to find out what they include in the treatment plan and the quality of care you should receive for the total cost.

Rapid Opiate Detox Differences

Educating yourself will help you understand what to expect, what you’ll pay, and, more importantly, whether there are shortcuts or hidden fees. In reality, deciding that you’re ready to get help for opioid dependence is a life-changing yet stressful moment. The last thing you want is a costly surprise or an underwhelming quality of personalized care.

We invite you to call us and learn more about our unique medical services and the total rapid detox costs associated with our treatment.

Rapid Detox by WAISMANN METHOD Center Differences

Rapid Detox by WAISMANN METHOD® – the reputation of excellence for over two decades in one exclusive location worldwide.

Learn more about the WAISMANN METHOD® Rapid Detox Center Differences:

Waismann Method vs. Others

Waismann Method® Rapid Detox

Our rapid detox treatment occurs in an accredited hospital with direct access to expansive and experienced healthcare specialists and a medical resources team.

Also, in a full-service hospital, our doctors have the freedom to modify detox treatments to best fit patients’ health needs. In a hospital, we don’t have the constraints of time and resources that many other rapid detox centers have when operating in “non-accredited hospitals” or surgical centers. Furthermore, our patients can expect a much higher level of care, which translates into safer, more comfortable, and more effective detoxification.

Patients receive around-the-clock medical supervision in a private hospital room to ensure their well-being and comfort. Furthermore, anesthesia-assisted rapid detox occurs in an intensive care unit, which complies with the best-practice safety standards JCAHO and other governing boards set.

Superior Experience, Certifications, and Reputation.

Setting Safety Standards

Waismann Method®, medical director Dr. Michael Lowenstein, is a world-renowned opioid treatment expert. Moreover, Dr. Lowenstein is quadruple board-certified and has over two decades of experience performing anesthesia-assisted rapid detox, translating into the nation’s most experienced rapid detox doctor.

Waismann Method Costs and Services

The typical all-inclusive cost for Waismann Method® detoxification treatment is as follows:

  • 5 Days $19,800.00
  • 7 Days $22,800.00
  • 10 Days $26,800.00

**The cost includes inpatient hospital treatment, a private room, medical services, and a few days of recovery care.

What’s Included?

  • Car Services to and from Airport.
  • A comprehensive inpatient pre-evaluation of each patient. This pre-evaluation screens any known or unknown issues or conditions that might be critical to choosing the safest and most effective treatment plan. Also, it allows the medical staff to truly get to know the patient, which minimizes anxiety while maximizing comfort and peace of mind. This comprehensive pre-evaluation screen includes, but is not limited to, a detailed medical history review, physical examination, cardiac screening and assessment, laboratory testing (as necessary), toxicology screening, and chest X-rays.
  • Admission the day before rapid opiate detox into a private room of a full-service, inpatient, JCAHO-accredited hospital. Here’s why this matters: The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) is a non-profit organization that sets strict quality medical facilities standards. It’s the “gold standard” for healthcare facilities. JCAHO routinely evaluates hospitals and other medical institutions based on highly high assessment criteria. As a result, 85% of all U.S. hospitals repeatedly earn this laudable accreditation by meeting these rigorous standards.
  • Individualized treatment from our quadruple board-certified medical director, with over 24 years of experience performing rapid detox.
  • Access to the best medical specialists—including cardiologists, neurologists, and gastroenterologists.
  • Exclusive Recovery Center for a few days with several therapeutic services. Including yoga, tai chi, and massage therapy.
  • Psychotherapist – Our therapist counsels and supports patients through this transitional period while guiding them in finding the best path to sustain recovery. He might also help you identify emotional conditions leading to opioid use.

There is no insurance coverage for our services. You will discuss the cost, length of stay, and protocol with the medical director before admission. The determination of services depends on the patient’s medical, dependency history, and health needs. Furthermore, our staff informs patients of available treatment options, including an extended stay at Domus Retreat.

Rapid Detox Aftercare  

Patients are usually in our inpatient hospital for two to three days. The remainder of their time with us is spent at our recovery center, Domus Retreat. At Domus, we professionally assist each patient with the emotional and physical post-detox transition. This extended care maximizes the patient’s safety and effectiveness and helps them navigate the recovery phase successfully.

Many services we provide can prevent and address post-detox issues that many patients and family members aren’t even aware of. Professional services include interventions to help regulate sleep patterns, decrease physical and emotional hypersensitivity, and restore gastrointestinal function.

Why are functions such as sleep and gut health affected by rapid detox? First, long-term opioid intake raises hormonal activity, which plays a primary role in stress. More importantly, immediately after rapid detox, people are much more vulnerable to anxiety-related issues, leading to cravings and eventually relapse. At Domus Retreat, our guests receive much-needed, around-the-clock assistance through this new and challenging phase and healthy meals prepared by a professional chef.

Best Rapid Detox  Results  

Waismann Method® offers comprehensive treatment protocols tailored to each patient’s specific needs. Our healthcare professionals will work diligently to see, hear, and understand what each person is going through. They will also help assist and guide each patient to achieve a comfortable and complete opioid detoxification. More importantly, superior medical care and our recovery and wellness therapies provide overall healing. Waismann Treatment™ is for those seeking the safest, most experienced, and most effective rapid detox center available.

Unparalleled Rapid Detox Safety

We encourage you to thoroughly research each rapid detox center before committing to any program. Ask any questions you may have. You need to clearly understand the process, treating physicians’ knowledge and experience, and, more importantly, the safety measures in place.

Our team provides confidential assessments for anyone seeking to learn more about our rapid detox costs and programs. Additionally, we understand the burden associated with such a financial commitment. We work with patients and their families to reach a sustainable economic solution without risking our patients’ safety, comfort, and success.


Rapid Detox Cost, Payment Options, and Financing Opportunities

We accept various forms of payment, including:

  • Cash
  • Cashier’s check
  • Certified check
  • Wire transfer
  • Credit card: Visa, Mastercard, Discover (C.C. maximum – $5000)

Credit Cards Accepted by Waismann Method

Financing via Third-Party Lenders

Patients can seek financing via third-party lenders that offer personal loans to cover out-of-pocket medical expenses and related travel costs. Therefore, you might consider lenders that offer medical expense loans or personal loans.

You can ask them about your eligibility for various loan terms based on your financial needs and credit history.

MyMedicalFunding – Your Source for Medical Funding

You may apply online and receive a fast credit decision on your application.

Healthcare Financing Made Easy with Prosper Loans

Prosper’s loans might be the financing method suited to your needs if you meet their eligibility requirements. In addition, you can apply for a personal loan from Prosper here to cover your out-of-pocket medical detox costs.

Logo for Prosper Personal Loan for Rapid Detox Financing


Are you ready to find freedom from opioid use disorder and face the world opiate-free? Contact our team to learn more about the Waismann Method® and inquire about our availability. Call for detox options. 1-888-987-4673

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