Best Treatment Program for Opiate Addiction

What Is The Best Treatment For Opiate Addiction?

Opiate Addiction Treatment Program

Finding the best treatment for opiate addiction can be incredibly challenging because there is so much misinformation about addiction, the causes, and what recovery means. Your best option is to find a comprehensive and well-rounded addiction program. To achieve long-term recovery, it’s essential to address any possible underlying issues, in addition to the physical, psychological, and social aspects of the condition.

Many people view addiction as a character flaw or a sheer lack of willpower and self-control. Yet, experts say that addiction encompasses biological, neurological, environmental, and genetic factors. The use or abuse of opiates can rewire the brain and affect dopamine and endorphin levels. This can become a complex problem with an urgent need for a medical solution.

Professionals define opiate addiction as excessive and prolonged use despite negative consequences. People become both physically and psychologically dependent and have uncontrollable cravings for opiates. Initially, using an opiate is a voluntary act. However, over time, cravings can become intense and uncontrollable. As a result, addiction can cause compulsive and deceitful behavior.

Finding the Best Treatment for Opiate Addiction

Substance abuse and opioid addiction can be devastating on many fronts. These conditions are progressive in nature so that people can spiral out of control with prolonged use. The good news is there are effective inpatient opiate treatment programs that can target the root cause(s) of the illness. Our opiate treatment helps people successfully come off opioid drugs to adhere to therapies that provide tools and coping skills to maintain long-term recovery.

For over 25 years, people from all over the world have chosen Waismann Method as their opioid detox provider.

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Waismann Treatment™ for Opioid Use Disorder

Waismann Treatment™ provides a tailored and flexible medical approach. The physical aspect of dependence is usually addressed through rapid detox for opiates. “Cold turkey” approaches can be dangerous and often result in relapse due to the suffering through withdrawal. This is why a medically assisted opioid detox such as Waismann Method® is essential.

Opiate addiction is a growing problem. Detox and withdrawal can be challenging physically, emotionally, and mentally. WAISMANN DETOX™ occurs in a private hospital room, which helps keep patients safe should medical issues arise. Rapid opioid detox treatment occurs while a quadruple board-certified M.D sedates patients.

Inpatient Program

Many heroin addiction programs focus on the physiological aspect, overlooking the psychological issues that may have contributed to or were caused by opiate addiction. Counseling on an individual basis is essential to help patients understand how they became dependent and avoid relapsing.

Therapy can help patients sort through underlying issues and develop coping skills. Appropriate screening and treatment can also help to identify any underlying mental health issues.

Relapse prevention is critical for patients in recovery. Aftercare, follow-up programs, and community support services all add an extra layer of protection against relapse. There’s no overnight cure for opiate addiction, but ongoing care gives patients the best odds of overcoming the condition. The multi-targeted approach we offer is proven effective and continues helping people worldwide to go on and lead healthy, productive lives.



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