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How to Choose the Best Rapid Detox Program?

Although rapid detox is a relatively new treatment option for many people, there are several providers to choose from. However, it’s important to remember that not all rapid detox centers are the same. While some may be more expensive than others, the level of care and safety can vary significantly.

So how do you know which rapid detox center is right for you? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Doctors Qualifications

When choosing a doctor, one must consider their academic history, board certifications, and association with healthcare organizations. A doctor’s academic history can give you insight into their knowledge and experience. Board certifications show that a doctor has met certain standards set by their peers. And, finally, association with healthcare organizations can provide you with information about a doctor’s values and commitment to quality care.

By taking the time to consider all of these factors, you can be sure that you are choosing a doctor who is best suited to meet your needs. Verify their license with the medical board. Make sure the provider’s claims of success can be verified.

Multiple Treatment Options

When considering a rapid detox program, it is important to ask about any underlying health conditions that could affect the treatment. For example, people with diabetes or cardiac issues may not be good candidates for a rapid detox program. If that is the case, is there another individualized, medically assisted option without anesthesia? It is also important to be admitted at least a day before the procedure for a comprehensive medical evaluation to ensure candidacy for one procedure or another.

A rapid detox program may not be the best option for someone with a complicated medical history. However, for those who are good candidates, rapid detox can be an effective way to overcome addiction and start on the road to recovery.

JCAHO Accredited Hospital

Finally, always check on the accreditations of the hospital. If it’s not JCAHO accredited, run the other way.

Accreditation in healthcare is not just about reputation. Going through the accreditation process helps streamline operations, improve the quality of care, and build trust with patients and the community.

There are several different types of accreditation in healthcare, each with its own purpose. For example, Joint Commission accreditation is recognized as a mark of excellence in patient safety and quality care. Organizations that are accredited by the Joint Commission adhere to strict standards around safety, infection control, medication management, and more.

By keeping these things in mind, you can choose the best rapid detox program for you and have a successful experience.

**Be aware of online reviews as there are a tremendous amount of manipulation and fake reviews online.

The best way to know iif the program is right for you is by asking the right questions, verifying licenses and accreditations with well-known national organizations, and being aware that overnight cures do not exist.

Private Hospital Room

There are a few reasons why it is better to receive treatment in a private room in a hospital. First, patients in private rooms tend to receive more undivided attention from nurses and doctors. Second, patients who are in private rooms tend to be more comfortable and have less anxiety about their medical condition, and this is because they can have more privacy and control over their environment. Finally, patients who are in private rooms tend to have better outcomes than those who receive care in shared rooms. This is because they can rest and heal better when they are not constantly being disturbed by other people or noises. In conclusion, being treated in a private room is generally better for patients in terms of the quality of care that they receive.

Is the patient admitted the day before anesthesia detox?

A safe, rapid detox requires a comprehensive inpatient medical evaluation and stabilization the day prior to detoxification under sedation for many reasons, including:

  • it allows the medical staff to determine if the patients are in good health to go through precipitated withdrawal.
  • The medical staff has adequate time to learn how patients respond to specific medications that are critical during detox.
  • The medical staff knows everything used or ingested 24 hours before the detox. The unknown presence of certain drugs, foods, or vitamins may have an adverse interaction during detox.
  • Finally, safe stabilization and hydration prevent increased withdrawal symptoms and other medical complications.

***Admitting patients on the day of detoxification under anesthesia is an unnecessary risk and should be avoided if possible.

Treating Doctor Experience in Detoxification Under Sedation

There are many reasons why having a board-certified physician with vast experience in a particular procedure is better. One reason is that experienced physicians are more likely to be up-to-date on the latest medical research and treatments and may also have more developed clinical skills and judgment. Additionally, experienced physicians may be better able to deal with complex cases and guide other healthcare team members. Ultimately, having a physician with experience can help ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

In the case of opioid detox under sedation, an experienced physician can make a big difference in the quality of care that patients receive. Withdrawal from opioids can be difficult and dangerous, requiring close monitoring and medical intervention. A physician who has extensive experience in this area will be able to provide the best possible care for patients, ensuring their safety and comfort throughout the detox process.

Pre-set Discharge Date Regardless of Patients Condition

There should be no set discharge date for patients regardless of their condition. Each patient’s readiness for discharge must be assessed individually to avoid any risks associated with premature hospital discharge. The patient’s physician, nurses, and other care team members should collaborate to make the best decision for the patient.

Determining when a patient is ready for discharge is a complex process that considers many factors, including the patient’s medical condition, response to treatment, and ability to self-care. Prematurely discharging a patient can result in several adverse outcomes, such as an increased risk of readmission due to unresolved medical issues, poor follow-up care, and medication errors. Additionally, patients discharged prematurely may have a higher risk of developing complications or experiencing a worse prognosis.

Therefore, it is essential that the decision to discharge a patient is made solely based on the patient’s circumstances and not pre-determined times. All care team members must work together to ensure that the patient is discharged only when they are medically ready and able to self-care outside of the hospital setting. By adhering to this higher level of care, we can help ensure positive outcomes for our patients.

Inpatient Stabilization Care Post Rapid Detox

How Are you Going to Feel After Rapid Detox?

Most people feel physically and emotionally hypersensitive after medical opiate detox. First and foremost, your whole system is trying to adjust and relearn how to work without opioids. This adjustment can affect sleep, mood, and emotional imbalances. Although loved ones are often happy to help, they are not trained to do so. If things are not well managed in these first few days, unnecessary complications and immediate relapse can occur.

Detox providers should complete the job they started instead of asking a family member to make critical decisions and manage a situation they have not succeeded in doing in the past. Inpatient stabilization care after rapid detox is the best way to ensure that you are physically and emotionally comfortable as you adjust to life without opioids. Stabilization care providers are adept at managing detoxification symptoms and helping you navigate this difficult time. Inpatient care also provides the structure and support essential for long-term recovery.

**If you are considering opioid detox under sedation, ask about inpatient stabilization care before deciding.

Are Vivitrol and Naltrexone Provided?

Vivitrol and naltrexone are both medications used to help people recover from addiction. They work by blocking the effects of opioids, which helps to reduce cravings and prevent relapse.

Both medications are very effective at helping people recover from addiction, but they differ in a few ways. Naltrexone can be taken orally, while Vivitrol is a monthly injection. Ultimately, deciding which medication is indicated for you will depend on your individual situation and preferences. Both Vivitrol and naltrexone options should be discussed and available within the detox program.


Unfortunately, some unreputable medical professionals are willing to cut corners on safety and care to make more profit. Thankfully, the vast majority of physicians take their oath seriously and prioritize their patients’ well-being above all else. The profit motive should never come before patient safety. 

Waismann Method Rapid Detoxification Center is widely regarded as the safest, most comprehensive, and most effective opioid detoxification protocol available. Our team of expert physicians has over a decade of experience helping patients comfortably and safely through the detoxification process. We use cutting-edge techniques and equipment to ensure that our patients experience minimal discomfort during detoxification, and we offer a wide range of support services to help them through the recovery process. If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction to opioids, we urge you to contact us today to learn more about our treatment options. With the Waismann Method, you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality care possible.

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