Rapid Detox Reviews and Testimonials
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We are deeply grateful and honored to have had the opportunity to assist thousands of patients on their journey to overcome opioid addiction. It is our privilege to provide support and care during such a crucial phase of their lives. To illustrate the impact of our work, we would like to share some of the rapid detox reviews and testimonials from our patients. These personal stories highlight the transformative experiences and success our patients have achieved through their recovery process.

Rapid Detox Reviews and Testimonials

It works and they try to make you as comfortable as possible.

Fentanyl Rapid Detox Patient

This is the only way to go – Excellent, top-notch care… Good hands you will be in.

Fentanyl Rapid Detox Patient

Very responsive and caring.

Hydrocodone Rapid Detox Patient

I was told that after 2-3 days I would be feeling much better. I did. I did not believe that when I first got here.

Suboxone Rapid Detox Patient

Best decision.

Norco Rapid Detox Patient

Great and best thing for me.

Hydrocodone Rapid Detox Patient

Harder than I imagined but I’m glad I did it.

Suboxone Rapid Detox Patient

I feel given my work/life balance, it was the best possible option.

Fentanyl Rapid Detox Patient

Best decision.

Norco Rapid Detox Patient

Harder than I imagined but I’m glad I did it.

Suboxone Rapid Detox Patient

It was the best choice I could have made to come back. I was completely ready this time and am thankful for the time spent here.

Fentanyl Rapid Detox Patient

I am so happy and glad I made the call the Waismann Clinic! Everyone was top notch starting with Clare and Heather, Leilani and Dr. Lowenstein. The chefs, Julie, Jerry the drivers and of course Jaman!!

Percocet Rapid Detox Patient Review

How wonderful I was treated and the high quality of care. I have recommended this to several friends already.

Oxycontin Waismann Detox Review

Medical care was great, I was treated with respect and dignity by everyone I came across.

 Tramadol Detox Patient

Couldn’t have done it anywhere else, totally top notch. Very happy.

 Methadone Detox Patient

This is truly amazing, I’ve gone cold turkey before and it was absolute torture. The Waismann Method is truly a life saver.

Oxycodone Detox Patient

I am very pleased I’m clean now and have absolutely no cravings at all to use again, can’t wait to go home and be normal again.

Oxycodone, Oxycontin and Suboxone Detox Patient

Great! It was just what I needed.

 Suboxone Detox Patient

I know this was the best and the safest way to treat my issues as well as have a real sense of care for my best needs.

 Fentanyl Detox Patient

I’m so glad I came here, no place else like it.

Methadone Patient Waismann Method® Review

Very Good, Today I am clean and am leaving with a good plan. It has been a long haul and I am finally feeling myself return.

Oxycodone Detox Patient

I would have never been able to do it (detox from Suboxone) on my own. Being a busy professional, rapid opiate detox was the correct choice for me and my family.

Buprenorphine Rapid Detox Patient’s Review

Only way to go! You are going to experience pain regardless what route you take to get clean. Better to get done in a few days then taking weeks of pain & depression.

 Oxycodone Rapid Detox Patient

Makes it bearable to go thru the withdrawal process and having people to help!

 Lortab Rapid Detox Patient

I would never believe a place like this existed. I am thankful for rapid drug detox by the waismann treatment and Domus my life has been saved! I am eternally grateful!!!

 Percocet Rapid Detox Patient

If you struggle with opiates addiction this is the place for you, it sounds too good to be true but it is not. I am opiate free in one week, I feel back to normal and I’m very excited to have my life back.

 Percocet Rapid Detox Patient

This rapid drug detox program is truly one of a kind. I never felt like I had a legitimate starting place of time with my career and responsibilities at home until I found and completed this program worth every penny! Your health is priceless, don’t cut corners with it.

Oxycodone Rapid Detox Patient

Awesome experience! If you are struggling with addiction please reach out to this facility. They are wonderful caring people with hearts of gold you will form friendships with others that know exactly how you feel. Everyone who works there knows how you feel. You are not judged for your problems you are loved and supported back to the healthy sober you!

Oxycodone and Percocet Detox Patient

If your thinking of anywhere else stop call the Waismann clinic, I guarantee its the best fastest detox in the world.

 Oxycontin Detox Patient

I am so glad I did this, a 66 year old Suboxone user.

 Suboxone Detox Patient

I was on Percocet & Oxicodone for almost 10 years for back pain, had surgery 2 years ago successfully. After the 1st year we started tapering down and I tried to do it myself but it was affecting my work. Researched the best Rapid Detox plans and the Waismann Method had the best ratings. Very Professional was off immediately it just takes a few days for your body to adjust. Cant say enough about the program, cost is worth it to get your life back!

Oxycodone and Percocet Rapid Detox Patient

I was able to taper my Oxycontin levels to 30mg a day, but the pain from withdrawal was so bad my body was spent, and I was desperate to be done with my physical addiction to opiates. I’m so happy with my decision to here, within a few days after opiate detox I was off opiates and feeling back to my old self. The staff at the hospital and Domus were incredible.

— Oxycodone and Oxycontin Detox Patient

This heroin detox changed & saved my life and the aftercare was second to none.

— Heroin Addiction Patient

Being directed by a doctor to use opiates for over 10 years without ever abusing them made me feel like I could do it alone. I tried and failed and realized I was drug dependent. I found the Waismann Method online and decided I wanted to do a reset and get the opiates out of my system so I could try and deal with my neck pain with holistic methods.

This has turned out to be the best decision of my life. So far, my neck pain is minimal and I am starting to feel like myself again. Thank you Dr. Lowenstein for your wonderful procedure.

— Butran Patch and Hydrocodone Patient

I was on an immense amount of fentanyl in different delivery systems. I wanted to get off it but was terrified because of my incredible nerve pain (for which I was prescribed the medicine). However, after 7 yrs I was so over it. It weighed on me daily for years. I am so glad I did the rapid detox. I don’t remember a lot, but I remember enough. It’s still not a comfortable thing to go through but it’s better than the other option…. I recommend this rapid opiate detox treatment, especially if you’re in pain and want to get off the meds/opiates. All the staff is great, from Dr. Lowenstein to David Livingston to all the staff at Domus. I am sooooo very happy I did this!

— Fentanyl Patch Patient

I came to Domus with apprehension and concern. I was concerned about being “shut off” from the outside world. Domus is a special place. The staff makes you feel at home. The atmosphere is relaxing. The medical care is outstanding. I would return if necessary, in a heartbeat. It is a classy, professional, small investment that is non-threatening, as a whole, being effective in their mission. I feel GREAT about the Domus time I spent.

— Dilaudid Addiction Treatment Patient

This is the only way to go. Get the money anyway you can and come, the process/method is fabulous. I was overwhelmed, pleasantly by it all. They know what they are doing and are excellent at doing it. I cannot think there is a better method. I think my experience is typical. Those there with me didn’t want to leave either. All staff are super. God bless them, they saved my life.

— Morphine and Oxycodone Treatment Patient

As a first time detox patient I had a tad bit of anxiety about a week before the Waismann program started, due to the horrific information of other programs. From my intake to the procedure, hospital care, and especially the Domus Retreat aftercare. I couldn’t have asked for a better plan to get my life back. If you’re searching for a place to end your addiction this is the one.Thank You!

— Morphine Treatment Patient

Thanks for rapid detox, I am opiate free. No cravings and I am leaving 5 days after the procedure feeling 75% normal. But feeling better every day! You saved my career and my life. Thank you April, for telling me the truth about rapid detox. This will save your life.

— Methadone Treatment Patient

All-Inclusive Anesthesia Detox. Five to 10-Days Inpatient Care, Including Hospital and Recovery Center.

We are proud to offer the most successful and experienced anesthesia detox doctor in the USA.
Over Two Decades’ Reputation for Superior Care and Outstanding Results. Call Today for Treatment Information.

Waismann provides a unique two- pronged approach to rapid detox and recovery introduction. First you receive top medical attention and care in an intensive hospitalized detox procedure. Then you are immediately transported to a private comfortable retreat, with all your needs, large and small provided with sensitivity, compassion and proficiency. I would highly recommend Waismann to anyone ready to make the right move in their life. You are back to work in no time.

— Suboxone Detox Treatment Patient

April is a real class ACT; made me feel calm and safe! I’ve never had a massage where the massage therapist went beyond the “50” min, just because she wanted and felt the client needed it. WONDERFUL! The negative comments I read on the web almost made me decide against this method and detox; until I saw the entire procedure on TV and decided to go for it. Thank God I did, my discomfort was minimal; no vomiting others with me had more cramping and discomfort, however it only lasted for a day or two. Now, looking back would I, and I asked my group, would they do it again knowing all? “HELL YES”

—  Norco Treatment Patient

The quality of Domus staff courtesy and excellent food exceeded my expectations. I recommend this procedure to any highly motivated individuals that want the fastest return to normal life without opiates. I have participated in multiple hospital and residential programs and have witnessed over a thousand detoxes in 10 years operating residential rehabs. I have never seen a faster stabilization and movement towards a new sobriety.

— Oxycontin Treatment Patient

Coming to Domus was my decision and I would HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone serious. I was detoxing off of opiates than I’ve been using for six years. Leaving Domus has reminded me of what I’m worth & showed me how to rebuild my life back to my potential without needing to use!

I haven’t felt this clear headed and excited to start my life in so long. Anyone interested in being clean and serious come to Domus, the staff at the hospital and the Domus house are so attentive coming here was a dream come true, Thank You Domus Retreat Staff for helping me save my life!

— Opiate Treatment Patient

The politeness and knowledge, patience, optimism, of everyone here was Tops! I thought going into it all that what they claimed was all too good to be true! That it was a scam! Couldn’t be more far from the truth! Here I am 5 days later exercising, playing basketball, laughing… Saved my marriage, saved my job, saved my life! Thank you… all the way from Clare, to Dr. Lowenstein, April, to the chefs, to Jamon and Kumar and all the other staff unnamed… you are all wonderful!

— Tramadol Treatment Patient

You Saved My Life!! The Waismann Method is the only humane positive treatment for detox and rehab in the entire U.S. which is hard to believe. So Grateful!

Fentanyl and Oxycontin Treatment Patient

All services overall exceeded my expectations The Waismann Method & Domus Retreat is the one & only rehab center I would recommend. Everything from the hospitalization to health care to services and education is excellent. This program saved my life and it could save yours.

— Oxycontin Treatment Patient

The personalized care was unexpected, I felt like there was always someone there for me at any time of the day or night. Anyone that is serious about getting their life back in the most loving and gentle and caring environment should consider this option. The Waismann Method coupled with the Domus Retreat and the entire staff is truly amazing beyond whatever it is you are imagining it could be!

— Percocet Treatment Patient

After thorough research and learning about the method and staff, I could not have asked for a better method and treatment for my Vicodin withdrawal. My life is back and thanks to the Waismann Method & Domus staff.

— Vicodin and Hydrocodone Treatment Patient

This Waismann Method saved my life and everyone from the hospital to the retreat

treated me like family.”

— Oxycodone and Hydrocodone Treatment Patient

It’s a miracle treatment. I would never achieve these results on my own. And in such a short time. I feel so blessed that I had to go through it this way.”

— Hydrocodone Treatment Patient

I cannot pick just one thing everything exceeded my expectations! This was the absolute best thing I could have done for my life. Everyone is such a pleasure and makes you feel at home. I would recommend anyone who has the same issue to go this route in taking back your life!

— Oxycodone and Oxycontin Treatment Patient

This place has changed my life forever. One day I as taking Suboxone which is extremely difficult. If it hadn’t been for the procedure and staff I never would have made it. It’s expensive but its VIP treatment all the way. Besides kids and a wife this is the next best thing. They knocked me out at 8:30 to detox me and I woke up next day with just a slight headache. The ICU your in is great they check on you frequently.

— Opiate Treatment Patient

Rapid Detox and Domus have given me a real chance to live opiate free. Exhaust all resources for traditional treatment so you will know – the money spent to free your brain of the poison opiate is, for most, the only way to make it. As close to a cure as currently possible. Rather you believe it or not… I promise you! This is a God thing! Thanks Father

— Hydrocodone, Norco and OxyContin Treatment Patient

You don’t need to put your life on hold and suffer for 30 days. There is another option and that is rapid opiate detox at Waismann Institute and Domus Retreat. You will never be judged learning how not to judge yourself is part of the program. This is about getting your health and feeling good again in the shortest time possible using the most advanced science and medicine in the world.

— Heroin Treatment Patient

I just would definitely recommend the Waismann Method to anyone considering a rapid detox. They do an excellent job keeping you safe during the procedure and afterwards the Domus Retreat is absolutely essential for recovering from the procedure. I feel so lucky, like someone, something was watching over me when I chose to come here to the Waismann Method. The staff is all very caring, gentle, and genuinely concerned with your comfort during your recovery. I just feel very lucky.

— Heroin Treatment Patient

If you have addiction problems please do this program, works great and this will change your life forever. I have my life back I’m opiate free Thank You to Waismann & Domus Retreat

— Oxycontin and Percocet Treatment Patient

The reason why I believe I started taking pain medication is because I wanted the “quick fix,” the quickest way to be pain free, the quickest way to feel good, and eventually the quickest way to function period. The reason why pain med users don’t come off the meds or deny they can come off is because you figure out there is no quick fix to come off opiates.

I have said, and other opiate users I know, “If there was a guarantee that I wouldn’t have to go through hell to be clean, I’d stop tomorrow.” Waismann Method is the guarantee. Thank You, Waismann for giving me my life back and giving me back to my kids.

— Oxycodone and Percocet Treatment Patient

If you have any issues with opiates at all go to the Waismann Method and Domus Retreat.The knowledge compassion and respect you will receive will exceed your expectations in every way. And you will be given the opportunity to get your life back to normal.”

— Demerol and Suboxone Treatment Patient

I would like to say to anyone out there, whether or not you have a family, or would just [like] to find a way to get off what drug has got you down, I recommend The Waismann Method.”

Heroin Treatment Patient

Very comfortable, relaxing environment. Someone always there to talk with. No judgement. Staff very positive, encouraging and caring.”

— Roxycodone and Norco Treatment Patient

A 60 year-old, white-collar professional who originally used opiates for an injury. The staff at every stage was beyond excellent. Services worth every penny spent! On Day 2, I was in the gym.”

— Oxycodone Treatment Patient

The professionalism and knowledge of the staff at Domus [Recovery] made my experience easier than I thought it could be. This program is a safe detox done in a hospital by professional doctors and nurses…Saved my life.”

— Norco Treatment Patient

Saved me when no other option could have possibly worked for me. Thank you!”

— Norco Treatment Patient

Use anything you need from me including my name! If you need me for press, to get the word out, to explain that this place is like no other rapid detox, just let me know! I will do it, no questions asked.”

— Methadone and Percocet Treatment Patient

Finding the Waismann website has saved my life. My marriage was going to end and my kids were giving up on me. Being able to look them all in the eyes knowing I am not on any opiate is going to be the best day of my last 10 years.

Rapid detox with Waismann works! It is real and the staff is incredible. They do not judge you, they simply want to help you get your life back. If you are reading this, then you need to know it works. Thank you Dr. Lowenstein & staff!

— Suboxone Treatment Patient

The Waismann Method is the only place on earth that you will recover from opiate addiction as quickly, painlessly, and comfortable as possible.

— Buprenorphine Treatment Patient

Best decision I ever made. The rapid opiate detox makes it so you are opiate free by the time you leave the hospital so you are able to focus on your recovery vs. the painful & long process of detoxing and withdrawing on your own. It felt amazing to finally be opiate free on only day two of the program and to really feel like me again (the way I felt before I began using opiates).

— Oxycodone Treatment Patient

Coming to the Waismann was a very personal choice for me. I believed that what Waismann offers is the most comprehensive method for opiate cessation. Certainly there is some physical discomfort, but in my opinion the most comfortable way to stop using opiates.

Waismann is very clear on what they offer and letting you know what to expect. It is your choice to make and for me, it was, without a doubt, the best!

— Subutex Treatment Patient

I never knew how much my life could change in 6 days when I was using for so very long. This place is the only place for me. The staff and doctors were so caring and I loved it.

— Fentanyl and Oxycontin Treatment Patient

This procedure saved my life. It was no easy task, but it is by far the easiest and most effective way to come off opiates. The treatment you receive at Domus is extremely comforting and caring. If you’ve tried to get clean and wasn’t successful and don’t know where to look, well, look here because this procedure works!

— Oxycodone Treatment Patient

Saved my life…Thank you so much for saving my life.

—  Fentanyl Waismann Treatment Patient’s Testimonial

If you have the means to go through this program and have a strong desire to quit opiates, there is no place I could even imagine that would be better. They take care of you so well. The staff at both the Waismann clinic and the Domus Retreat are so attentive, caring, and humane.

There is no way I could have kicked methadone on my own. Instead of 2-6 months of agonizing withdrawal you will have only 1-3 days. Then you start feeling human again. This place and the amazing people who work there exceeded all my expectations. I will never forget my experience here. Thank you to every one of Waismann and Domus, I couldn’t have done this without you guys and gals!

—Rapid Detox Review by a Patient Treated for Methadone Addiction

Best thing I ever did…my life, was saved by you.

— Rapid Detox review by a patient who underwent detox from Oxycontin, Dilaudid and Fentanyl.

If you want to get off pills, come here! It is the easiest most painless way and it works!

— Oxycodone Treatment Patient

Kicking and screaming; tossing and turning, dreaming…of b*******, now living clean. It’s awesome, thank you.

— Norco Treatment Patient Testimonial

This is a smart way to rid your body of opiate dependency without going through withdrawals.

— Vicodin Treatment Patient

As someone who has struggled with opiate addiction for 7 plus years and has tried multiple programs and detox methods, Domus and the Waismann Method were by far the absolute best. Every step of the program from the moment you check into the hospital to the time you leave the retreat, you are treated with the highest level of care.

Not only are the doctors, nurses, and staff extremely knowledgeable, but every person I came across was as friendly and genuinely caring as well. All of the different staff did absolutely everything they could to cater to your needs and make the process as easy and comfortable as possible. My experience was completely wonderful and gave me fresh start and a new shot at life.

— Norco and Oxycontin Treatment Patient

I am leaving today and my “journey” here at Domus has been, to say the least, an extraordinary one. This was my first and last detox and I am fully aware how blessed I am to have been able to get through a frightening process like this in the hands of your staff. Nothing pleasant about the hospital (perhaps in my case as it should have been) but my Domus recovery has been so safe, so comfortable and I am leaving here a better woman, unburdened by my 14 year addiction to narcotics.

As stated, my first time but I am confident that this is the “Shangri La” of detox recovery. Highly, highly recommend a couple extra days at Domus. Honestly don’t think I was ready to leave on day 7 but now, Day 10, I am feeling comfortable to travel and looking forward to going home:). I was extremely apprehensive, particularly as an older woman with some pain issues.

I was encouraged, never pushed, and I state true: I have less physical and emotional pain leaving than I had doing narcotics. I know I’m not “out of the woods” yet, but you have given me the tools needed to move forward and perhaps have made some good life friends along the way.

Oxycodone Treatment Patient

I feel amazing being opiate free for 4 days. I can’t wait to go home see my family and friends and live a happier healthier life.

— Tramadol Detox Treatment Patient

I’m beyond elated to have my life back!! I’m free!!

— Subutex Detox Treatment Patient

Saved my life. Every time I tried to detox any other way I always became extremely ill, septic and dehydrated. Domus having chefs that help cater to my diet was very helpful.

— Review from a Suboxone Detox Patient
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