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If you are looking for a rapid detox in California, you are in luck. Southern California has been the sole home of the most recognized rapid detox center worldwide. Since 1998, Waismann Method® professionals have successfully treated thousands of patients who have flown from worldwide. The center provides patients with superior medical care at a full-service accredited hospital.

Our Medical Director, Michael H. Lowenstein

The Waismann Detox® does not hire inexperienced anesthesiologists to treat patients, unlike other rapid detox centers. On the contrary, only Michael H. Lowenstein, M.D., our medical director, has provided detoxification under anesthesia to our patients for over two decades. Dr. Lowenstein is a quadruple board-certified physician and has treated thousands of patients for more than 23 years.

He is world-renowned as one of the top rapid detox and opioid use disorder specialists alive. No other physician in the U.S. has the experience and knowledge he possesses.

Is Rapid Detox Risky?

Rapid detox is as risky as the responsibility and the experience of the treating physician. Furthermore, most people do not understand that anesthesia detoxification is not a unique protocol. This type of medical detoxification under anesthesia needs to be carefully tailored to each patient’s present health needs. For this reason and other factors to ensure safety, rapid detox centers should:

  • Occur in your own room in the ICU of a full-service accredited hospital
  • Include an inpatient comprehensive physical evaluation
  • Require admission at least one day before the procedure
  • Not treat multiple patients simultaneously in the same room
  • Offer other medically assisted detox options for those who are not rapid detox candidates
  • Possess an experienced board-certified anesthesiologist to provide detoxification
  • Have no pre-set hospital discharge time. Discharge should only occur when the patient is deemed medically stable
  • Include a few days of inpatient recovery care by professionals.

California Rapid Detox Centers Locations

If you live in California and you are looking for the best rapid detox center, you are in luck! The Waismann Method® rapid detoxification is located exclusively in Orange County, Southern California.

How Does Rapid Detox Work?

  1. Patients call our administrative office for an initial intake, which takes around 20 minutes by phone. If preferable, We can also send an intake by email.
  2. Once we have a complete email, Dr. Lowenstein contacts each patient by phone for a preliminary consultation. This way, he can gather more information to evaluate possible candidacy, patients’ unique needs, and available treatment options before scheduling.
  3. Once a date for admission is determined, our office will help you coordinate all arrival arrangements. There is no requirement for patients to arrange for a companion, transportation, or lodging, as we will provide all these essential services for you from the time of admission.

When you choose the Waismann Method rapid detox, you choose not just the best treatment option for opioid use disorder but the most successful and safe detox available. We are proud to provide the best and latest medicine has to offer. The significant difference between Waismann Method® detox and other detox programs is that we place our patients’ safety, comfort, and success above all else.

Our Commitment to Provide You With the Highest Quality of Care

We develop an individualized medically assisted detox program specifically for you. In other words, we will listen, hear, and understand your specific needs. Our overall level of care provides the best medical care, the most successful opioid detox protocols, nutritional IVs and supplements, and an exclusive recovery center to support you through the healing process. Due to our extensive experience with thousands of patients, we understand opioid use disorder changes significant organ functions. As much as we provide a rapid detox, there is a limit to how much you can speed a physiological regulation. A responsible and safe rapid detox facility needs to offer inpatient around-the-clock professional care a day before the procedure and a few days after.

Our rapid detoxification patients are usually in the hospital for two to three days and the remainder of their time at our exclusive recovery center, Domus Retreat. At Domus, we assist each person throughout the emotional and physical transition phase. This additional care substantially maximizes the comfort of the patient and the safety and effectiveness of the treatment.

Please read what our other patients have said about our rapid detox treatment.


Confidential and Private California Rapid Detox Center

WAISMANN TREATMENT is all about you, which is why we offer only private hospital rooms. You don’t share an examination or treatment room with a stranger when you see your doctor, and opioid detox should not be any different.

Most people are pretty vulnerable during drug treatment, notably opioid detoxification, and are often anxious, hypersensitive, and scared. To be in a program that respects your space and privacy enhances your well-being. You don’t need to worry about people prying into your affairs or overwhelming you with their issues when this is one of the most challenging times of your life. With WAISMANN DETOX, the entire program takes place in a private setting – where the individual can get through the discomfort of opioid withdrawal in peace and with dignity.

Call us today. Let us know what you are looking for, and let’s discuss the best opioid rapid detox California treatment options for you. We are here for you seven days a week.

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