Rapid Detox Services

Waismann Method ® Leaders in Rapid Detox & Addiction Treatment

The Waismann Method offers a variety of rapid detox services as well as other addiction treatment programs. We specializes in rapid drug detox, it is a safe and effective medical procedure that treats the body’s physical dependence on opiates. Opiate dependence is a medical disease that can be medically treated and reversed. The Waismann Method’s specialized  treatment pushes the opiates off the receptors with medication, which induces and speeds the withdrawal process while the patient sleeps under sedation or anesthesia (not general anesthesia). The duration of the rapid withdrawal is typically under 90 minutes and the patient wakes up without conscious memory of the procedure. The rapid drug detox procedure is performed in the Intensive Care Unit of a full service hospital. For the last 16 years we’ve ensured  our patients receive the best treatment possible..

Rapid Detox Services

The Waismann Method implements the most advanced medical techniques and we have perfected this procedure over the last 16 years, successfully treating thousands of patients that were suffering from opiate dependency. We are exclusively located in Southern California; we are not affiliated with any other doctors or hospitals.

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