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Over the last 17 years, the professionals at the Waismann Method ® Rapid Opiate Detox Center, have made the safety, success and dignity of our patients our top priority. We’ve achieved this by providing the highest standard of medical care in advanced addiction treatment unlike anywhere else.  We offer a full service JCAHO accredited hospital with board certified physicians and unparalleled after care.  In addition to treating the opiate dependency, we can also address the underlying causes of addiction. We believe safe medical detox and individualized assessment/treatment combined is the key  for an effective and successful process, to beat opiate addiction.

Waismann Method Rapid Opiate Detox Center

Waismann Method Rapid Opiate Detox Center

Waismann Method doctors who perform the rapid detox treatment have perfected this procedure, successfully treating several thousand patients using the most advanced medical and professional techniques available to treat opiate dependency, in a full-service accredited hospital in our only location in Southern California.  A number of doctors have tried to recreate Waismann Method  rapid detox treatment, but in order to treat more patients and cut costs, safety protocol, length of inpatient stay (care), and facility quality has been cut and as a result safety and success of the patients could unfortunately put at jeopardy.

Waismann Method

Safety & Responsibility

We believe that responsible and proper medical care is priceless, and people can’t afford to not have the most comprehensive and safe method of rapid detoxification available. If an individual cannot afford proper hospital care then there are other options for medical detoxification that have a slower pace. If rapid detox is applied, it should be done responsibly.

Rapid Opiate Detox

Procedures like rapid opiate detox should be performed in an intensive care unit of a full-service hospital. The Joint Commission, an independent, not-for-profit organization recognized nationally for accrediting hospitals that meet certain performance standards, takes every possible precaution to ensure patient safety and access to urgent medical resources if needed.

The reason it’s so important for patients to be in a full-service medical facility with trained specialists on hand, is because long-term opiate use causes damage and abuse to different organ  functions that patients may not be aware of and we were still able to provide the same high standard of medical care and a medical detoxification design to patients until they begin the detox procedure.

There is no set rule because each patient has a unique background and medical history that needs to be treated individually. Factors including age, medical conditions, drug of choice, intake manner and metabolism must all be taken into consideration before beginning treatment.

Stabilizing blood pressure, heart rate and assessing cardiac status of the patient is extremely important for the safety and success of the procedure.

Medications are given to prevent or relieve the symptoms of withdrawal. Additional medications are used to lower the acid content of the stomach and to curb the adrenaline or adrenergic response to withdrawal.

With Waismann Method ® treatment, patients are admitted a minimum of one day prior to rapid detoxification under sedation. Some patients may require additional days of inpatient screening and pre-medication before the procedure. The patient’s medical and dependency history will determine the length of the stay.

On numerous occasions we’ve uncovered medical issues that patients were not aware of and we were still able to provide other methods of inpatient medical detoxification; designed to meet the patients unique medical needs, while maintaining comfort, safety and effectiveness.

Board Certified Anesthesiologist


A Board Certified anesthesiologist is the best choice to perform rapid opiate detoxification.  Our medical director  holds four board certifications in various fields of medicine; this is what allows him to offer a wide range of comprehensive treatments and options to our patients. Rapid detoxification under sedation requires anesthetic medications combined with  antagonist, in order to achieve safe and comfortable opiate detoxification. The combination and amount of these medications are the core factors to making rapid detox successful and safe.

In order to accomplish this level of success, Waismann Method doctors have performed thousands of procedures with patients from all over the world seeking their knowledge and unparalleled success.

It is critical to the safety and success of the detoxification that the patient is properly assessed and managed post the detoxification, as the body is going through an extensive transition.  The basic organs are trying to find their base line, and functions like blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, fluid absorption, and brain chemistry are trying to regulate itself.

Sometimes the body finds difficulties in self-regulating, due to a number of different factors.  Most of these issues will dissipate if medically assessed and immediately treated.

In some cases where patients are discharged  to hotels rooms shortly after the rapid drug detox, these conditions could become major medical issues with unnecessary suffering and risk to patients welfare.

As much as families and friends accompanying the patient may have the best intention to help, they are simply not trained to handle emotional and chemical changes that could include cravings, anxiety and fear, which can lead to immediate relapse.  They may want to help, families are simply not trained to deal with cravings, fear and patient desperation, which can lead to fights and emotional outbursts that can further drive patients into immediate relapse. When patients are properly cared for by professionals who are trained to resolve and diffuse such situations, they tend to get better physically and emotionally, which increasing their chances for long-term recovery and success.

The other issue that can result from premature discharge is, while patients are in a hotel room, simple conditions like continuous diarrhea and/or vomiting can progress to dehydration, lack of potassium or even heart failure due to the lack of medical care. At the Waismann Method Medical Group, we simply do not compromise our patients’ safety, well-being or success in order to cut corners. Our success is purely based not on the bottom line, but on our patients’ success.

Immediate & Individualized Aftercare

Domus RetreatDomus Retreat Aftercare FacilityWaismann Method Domus Retreat

The Waismann Method rapid opiate detox aftercare center, Domus Retreat, is a licensed facility unlike any other in the country.  Here, we’ve created a non-medical space where no pre-existing formulas or judgment are placed on the guest. Domus is a sanctuary where we treat each individual based on their unique needs, and where no chores or cookie-cutter treatments are forced onto guests. The goal of the retreat is for guests to regain physical and mental stability in order to go back to their reality, with many guests only requiring a few days stay post-treatment; however, with guests that need to work with their pain management, depression, anxiety, trauma, etc., longer term options are available.

The Waismann Method’s  aftercare program is adapted to each guest’s situations rather than forcing them into a new lifestyle that will not be part of their reality. Putting restraints on guests can make sobriety impossible to maintain, and potentially turn them into misfits in society. Instead of breaking guests down, we support and bring them self-confidence and strength from where they are. We supply them with a loving, caring and constructive environment without any pre-conceived judgments.

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