Combining Inpatient Rapid Detox
with an Exclusive Recovery Retreat
Minimizing Discomfort. Maximizing Effectiveness.

What is the Waismann Method® of Rapid Detox?

The Waismann Method synergizes inpatient rapid detox with an exclusive recovery retreat. Our method to opiate detoxification understands the intricacies of opiate dependence and addiction, from the physiological and psychological perspectives. Opiate use affects the body and the mind. Likewise, the body and the mind affect opiate use.

This is why we believe the care provided before and after detoxification are just as important, as the actual rapid detox treatment itself. We want you to be safe. We want to minimize your withdrawal discomfort. We want to maximize detox effectiveness. For these reasons and more, Rapid Detox by the Waismann Method encompasses: our Pre Treatment Protocol, our Inpatient Rapid Detox Treatment, and our Post Detox Care.

So you can free your body from opiate dependence. So you can reset your mind from opiate addiction.

Pre Treatment Protocol

  • Waismann Method Treatment
  • Waismann Method Treatment
  • Waismann Method Treatment
  • Waismann Method Treatment

Your safety is of the utmost concern. Prior to rapid detoxification under sedation, we perform an extensive health evaluation. We not only learn about your medical history, but also your struggle with opiate dependence. The diagnostic work up may include, but is not limited to: physical exam, blood work & urine samples, kidney & liver function, and heart & lung assessment.

Why do we have an extensive health evaluation? Rather than have you adapt to our treatment, we adapt the treatment to you. Every patient is different, with different needs. Opiates often change how your body works. Sometimes it may be a slower metabolism. It could also impede your digestive system, or heart rate and blood pressure could be compromised.

Based on the results of the thorough medical assessment, a personalized program is designed, just for you. Designed to reverse your opiate dependency. Designed to eliminate physical cravings. Designed to get you opiate free.

Inpatient Rapid Detox Treatment

  • Waismann Method Treatment
  • Waismann Method Treatment

All the preparation leads to a safer rapid detox treatment. While you are under sedation, a combination of medications are administered intravenously, including an opiate antagonist. These antagonists competitively bind with opiate receptors in the body.  While opioids are displaced, the receptor sites are not only blocked, but remain unactivated.  This action prevents the body from responding to opioids.

The withdrawal process is not only induced. Moreover, the typical withdrawal time is shortened.  Rather than going through several days of withdrawal discomfort, the acute withdrawal is usually condensed to a duration of 60-90 minutes.

By using sedation in a closely monitored setting, we enhance the safety of the rapid detox while maintaining or improving the patient’s comfort. Moderate sedation usually allows the patient to maintain oxygenation and airway control independently, as opposed to general anesthesia where intervention, airway support, is often required. Typically, sedation allows your body to recover quickly and with significantly fewer side effects.

As you wake up from sedation, the detox procedure is usually complete and physical cravings for opiates greatly reduced. But the Waismann Method Rapid Detox doesn’t end there, it continues through to Post Detox Care.

Post Detox Care

  • Waismann Method Treatment
  • Waismann Method Treatment
  • Waismann Method Treatment

As fast as you go through rapid detox, your body still needs to self-regulate and find its new baseline. After the procedure, you usually remain in the hospital overnight, for observation and continued medical care. Once discharged from the hospital to our exclusive recovery retreat, you continue to recuperate with around the clock professional support.

The recovery retreat provides personalized attention in a warm, home-like environment, while you are physiologically adapting to natural chemical readjustment. These include but are not limited to: endorphin production, fluid absorption, body temperature control, sleep patterns and mood regulation.

Physiological adaptation is accompanied with psychological change.  To assist you in this transition process, individualized psychotherapy sessions are available to you.  We seek to help identify and attend to the underlying causes of addiction, such as depression, anxiety, OCD and trauma.  So you widen the tools available to you for a healthy and productive life.

While under our care between 5-10 days, we empower and guide you for a better chance of achieving an opiate-free lifestyle.

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