3 Day Rapid Detox – What to Expect

3 Day Rapid Detox Process and Beyond by Waismann Method

Many people believe that a 3-day rapid detox will lead to them functioning normally in just a matter of days. However, the truth is that this is simply not the case. After the daily use of opioids, many organs within the body change how they function. While rapid detoxification can speed up this process, it is not a magical procedure. A few more days of professional care are necessary to ensure the patient’s safety, comfort and well-being. With the help of responsible medical professionals, patients can detox safely and comfortably and eventually return to their everyday lives.

What Does a 3-Day Rapid Opiate Detox Entail?

Although we will try to explain what a rapid detox process looks like, we cannot possibly provide you with an exact description. At WAISMANN METHOD®, we treat patients 18 to 80 years of age with very different health histories and medical needs. Our team provides the best individualized medical detox based on each patient’s specific requirements.

Day 1

On the first day of our 3-day rapid detox program, you will be admitted to a private room in a JCAHO-accredited hospital. This inpatient period will allow our medical team to assess your individual needs and provide you with the comfort and privacy you deserve. We will administer pre-medication to help you avoid withdrawal, as well as provide a comprehensive examination (including a cardiac evaluation) and physiological stabilization. This inpatient day prior to rapid detox will also allow us to learn more about your unique response to certain medications and control what medications you take and even the food you ingest. This is important because it can directly affect the success, safety, and comfort of your treatment. After this initial assessment, we will begin our proven Waismann Method rapid detox protocol, which has helped thousands of people just like you achieve sobriety.

Day 2

On the second day, the patient is transferred to a private room in the ICU for close monitoring. Once pre-medicated, they are put under sedation. While the patient sleeps, an acute withdrawal is accelerated; this medically induced withdrawal is controlled and closely monitored by our medical director.

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When patients awaken, they are carefully assisted by the ICU staff for the rest of the day and night. Our team is specially trained to provide exceptional care before, during, and after the detoxification procedure. The medical director monitors each patient throughout their stay to ensure their safety and comfort. This level of care is necessary to ensure the success of the detoxification process.

Day 3

The morning after rapid detoxification, patients continue to recover under medical supervision. They will receive intravenous fluids and other treatments as needed and gradually regain their strength. Before leaving the hospital, most patients will receive a Vivitrol shot on the third day. There is no set rule for when a patient can be discharged from the hospital; this will depend on the doctor’s evaluation and the patient’s readiness. If the doctor determines that the patient is ready, they will be discharged to our exclusive recovery center, Domus Retreat. Here, they will receive personal attention and around-the-clock care from our experienced staff. In addition, patients will have access to supportive medications to help with sleep, anxiety, or other physiological adjustments, plus counselors and therapeutic services to help with stabilization.

By providing the best possible care before, during, and after detoxification, we give our patients the best possible chance of achieving treatment success while minimizing the risks of complications and immediate relapse.

What to Expect After 3-Day Rapid Opioid Detoxification?

While proper recovery care is essential in all types of substance use detoxification, it is especially important for opioid users. Using an excessive amount of opioid drugs or taking opioids for a prolonged period of time will not just chemically alter many organ functions but also how one feels, thinks, or their ability for reasonable decision making. Because of the direct effects opioid drugs have on the nervous system, an assisted adjustment period after detoxification is critical not just to the patient’s comfort but also for their safety.

After a 3-day detox, patients must receive a few days of inpatient recovery care through this critical emotional and physical adjustment period. Furthermore, once you have been detoxed from opioids, your tolerance level is much lower. This means that if you use the same amount of opioids as you did before, the likelihood of an overdose is much greater. Additionally, immediately after detox, patients are hypersensitive to discomfort and more likely to feel anxious or nervous.

Without proper care, the risks of relapse with severe consequences become much greater. That is why it is so important to find a treatment center that can provide you with the adequate care you need to be safe, comfortable, and successful in your treatment.

Rapid Detox by Waismann Method Opioid Treatment Specialists

At our treatment center, you will receive opioid detoxification under sedation in a private room of a full-service JCAHO-accredited hospital. Our team of responsible health care professionals will work with you to ensure that you receive the care you need. The hospital part of your treatment usually takes only 3 days, but we understand that your recovery is just as important. That’s why we offer 4 to 7 additional days of care at our exclusive Domus Retreat center. We are committed to providing you with the best possible treatment experience without cutting corners. We want to support and guide you through this challenging first stage of recovery so that you can begin rebuilding your life safely and effectively.


Waismann Method is a unique medical detoxification protocol that has been used to treat thousands of patients suffering from opioid addiction. The treatment program is based on the principle that opioid use disorder is a medical condition that requires treatment by trained medical professionals. The protocol combines the use of medications, therapeutic services and counseling to provide patients with the most comprehensive and individualized care possible.

The goal of the Waismann Method is to help patients physically and psychologically recover from their opioid dependence addiction in the safest, most comfortable way and in the shortest amount of time possible. The average length of stay for patients undergoing the Waismann Method is just 7 days/ 6 nights. During this time, patients will receive around-the-clock care from a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, we encourage you to learn more about WAISMANN METHOD® and how it can help you achieve lasting sobriety. We give our patients the best possible chance of achieving long-term sobriety by providing an immersive and nurturing environment. Speak confidentially to a rapid detox expert today! 1-888-987-4673

Reviewed by Clare Waismann, Registered Addiction Specialist (RAS), Substance Use Disorder Certified Counselor (SUDCC), founder of Waismann Method® Advanced Treatment for Opiate Dependence and Domus Retreat®. Clare Waismann is an authority and expert on opioid dependence, opioid use disorder, substance dependence, detoxification treatments, detox recovery, and other topics covered on RapidDetox.com.