Understanding the Risks of Getting Oxycodone without a Prescription

Oxycodone without a PrescriptionNew restrictions are causing a desperate demand from those dependent on prescription opiate painkillers. People who are addicted to opioids are willing to go to great lengths to obtain their drugs.  Prescription medications like Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Oxycontin, and Vicodin should have a The movie takes place is prescription because they are dangerous substances.

Earlier this year, the FDA rejected a drug called Moxduo, a combination of morphine and oxycodone. Also, as of October 6, 2014, the DEA reclassified Hydrocodone products from schedule III to a more restricting schedule II classification.

Filmmaker Sean Dunne created the film “Oxyana” a documentary based on the oxycodone epidemic. The movie takes place, in the coalmining town of Oceana, West Virginia. It features a young man that claimed to pay $1000 to an out of state doctor in Washington, D.C., to receive a one-month prescription of (450) 30mg Oxycodone pills.

This story isn’t uncommon. A Waismann Method ® Rapid  Detox patient was on the national news (now on YouTube) with a similar story. The patient laughs with his wife, explaining what to tell doctors to successfully get prescription medications.

Here are some common ways people obtain prescription medications without a prescription.

Waismann Method Prescription AddictionFriends and Family

Surprisingly, over 70% of people reported getting pain relievers (for non-medical use) from a friend or family member; reports the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration. Providing prescription medication to someone without a prescription or taking them without a prescription—is a federal crime. Not just illegal, but the use of someone else’s prescription can leave permanent physical and emotional effects.

Prescription Painkiller AddictionWhite Collar Drug Dealers

There is a new generation of drug dealers that use prescription pads. Gratefully, a large number of doctors are found guilty for overprescribing opioid medications. Most recently, Dr. Daniel Cham was indicted; the courts alleged that Cham was distributing powerful painkillers to patients. These crimes were discovered by an undercover investigator, who had no reasonable medical need for opioids. Federal agents arrested Cham last Wednesday at his Covina, California home; reported by CBS News Los Angeles.

In Orange County, California  In April 2018, three men in Orange County, California were found to be running a counterfeit opioid operation. Authorities found thousands of fake oxycodone pills in their possession. However, these prescription drugs did not contain the same ingredients or dosages you would expect from a real pill. They actually contained fentanyl, a synthetic opioid much more potent than heroin.  Fentanyl is the primary cause of overdose deaths related to the opioid crisis.

Prescription MedicationWorld Wide Web

There are over 721,000  search results on the internet for ‘oxycodone without a prescription’ online. Some of the shady looking websites read things like: oxycodone overnight no prescriptions, oxycodone overnight, order oxycodone online cod, buy oxycodone without a prescription. Although patients can save time and money by purchasing drugs from the Internet, they also risk their lives. Consequently, people are at risk with these substandard medications that could contain lethal substances.

Prescription Painkiller AddictionDoctor Shopping

“Doctor shopping” usually refers to someone who is going to multiple doctors to obtain prescription medication without the prescribing doctors’ knowledge of other prescriptions given.  According to the CDC, people who abuse prescription medications typically “doctor-shop.” Additionally, over 1 in 4 reports seeking prescribed medications from more than one physician.

Waismann Method® Rapid Drug Detox

If you are seeking Oxycodone without a prescription, you are likely to have a very dangerous addiction. Unfortunately, your life might be at risk. It takes one bad pill to possibly kill you. But don’t lose hope, fortunately, there is medical help for opioid addiction. Addiction is a reversible condition and we can help.

Most importantly, we provide the most humane and effective opioid detox treatment available. Our specialized rapid drug detox offers a medically monitored and closely supervised drug withdrawal. It also includes a combination of sedation and antagonist medications, to achieve the most gentle and comfortable detoxification. If you are looking for immediate help, call now and speak with one of our drug abuse specialists at ( 1-800-423-2482, find out how we can help you get your life back with the Waismann Method ® rapid opiate detox.