Loving a Drug Dependent Person

Loving a Drug Dependent Person

“My husband is using heroin again, even though he promised me that he would stop after we were married. I love him but I am afraid of being married to a drug addict.”

“My daughter is still taking painkillers two years after she hurt her back because she says the pain is getting worse. She walks around like a zombie from the drugs, completely hunched over and clutching her back in pain, but the doctor just gives her stronger pills. She has tried to stop using the drugs but she just gets sicker.”

“My son started on methadone treatment years ago to help him kick a drug addiction. The methadone seemed like a great idea at the time but now he is hooked on methadone. He ended up trading one addiction for another. How can I help him become opiate-free?”

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It is tough to love someone addicted to or dependent on drugs. You might find yourself begging with him to seek help, pleading with her to quit drugs, and bartering with him to go clean for just one day. You may have even considered giving her everything you own if she would just go away and leave you alone.

You may lie awake at night, with questions about drug dependence racing through your mind. What will become of the person you love? Will he go to jail? Will she overdose and die?

How much can you take before the burden of drug abuse crushes you and your family?

One of the most important questions when it comes to loving a dependent person is, “Where does the healing begin?”


Success Starts with Hope

Waismann Method HopeIt is important that you know that success starts with hope, both for you and for the one you love.

Drugs can cause people with addiction and dependence problems to lose hope. Many times, an individual has tried to stop doing drugs but failed, so he begins to believe that he will never be drug-free. He has seen drugs destroy his relationships, and he loses hope in ever being able to repair the damage. He might also think he has ruined his life and that he can never live normally again.

No matter what you say to the drug-dependent person, she is not going to try quitting drugs if she has no hope of success. You must start by helping the person realize that there is still hope that she can lead a drug-free life. She must know that she can live without drugs someday, that you still love her, and that there will be time to repair the damage to your relationship.

Talking to Someone You Love about Drug Dependence and Addiction

Talking to your loved one about his drug habit is one of the hardest things you will ever do, but it may also be one of the most important. His drug habit will probably make him resistant to your suggestions that he try detoxification and rehabilitation. He might also think his drug use is helping him with a problem and therefore be reluctant to stop using. Severe withdrawal symptoms and fear of withdrawal symptoms also make quitting scary to many users.

Above all else, approach the conversation as the person’s friend and not his spouse, parent or child. Assure him that you love him and will support him throughout the recovery phase. Reassure him that you have found detoxification specialists that will help him through the difficult withdrawal period.

Drug addiction does not have to be who you are but where you have been. Make it part of your past, call the Waismann Method® medical drug detox center. This method helps patients manage the painful opiate withdrawal symptoms and increase the odds of a safe and effective transition into a healthy, drug free life. We work with patients in our aftercare facility to ensure a smooth transition to a healthy lifestyle.

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