The Risks of Getting Oxycodone Without a Prescription

The Risks of Getting Oxycodone Without a Prescription

New restrictions are causing a desperate demand from those dependent on prescription opiate painkillers. People addicted to opioids are willing to go to great lengths to obtain their drugs, such as getting them without a prescription.

What Do the New Opioid Laws Mean for Patients in Need of Pain Relief?

Dozens of States are Placing Strict Rules in the Number of Prescription Painkillers Doctors Can Prescribe

Overdoses from painkiller opioids kill more than 115 people per day in the United States. One of the main reasons is that doctors have been prescribing more than patients need. Pain specialists underestimated the power and adverse consequences of long-term opioid intakes. Although there are exceptions for patients suffering from terminal diseases or those in extreme pain, there are strict limitations of the amounts doctors can prescribe for temporary pain from surgery, injury, or illness.

Opioid Laws Varies by State

While These Laws Vary State By State, They Mostly Exclude These Prescription Limitations for Patients with Long-Term Illnesses, in Palliative or Hospice Care

The new limits are often seven days for patients post-surgery, injury and curable illnesses, or acute pain. However, some states like Florida, Kentucky, and Minnesota are even stricter. They demand specific documentation if more than three days of opioid prescription is necessary for a particular patient. Furthermore, some states like Florida now requires doctors and pharmacists to take courses on opioid prescription. They also have an available drug database they need to consult before prescribing opioids to ensure the patient has not acquired an additional medicine elsewhere.

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What About Those dependents On Opioids?

With Every New Law, There are Benefits and Harm Caused to Many, That Do Not Deserve

With the Waismann Method® Detox, we often treat pain patients. The good news is that most of these patients, once entirely off opioids, feel less pain than they did in high dosages of painkillers. Although this is a piece of great news, it is not absolute. Each individual should receive the best and safest treatment that provides them with the best quality of life.

Oxycodone Replacement Drugs

Earlier this year, the FDA rejected a drug called Moxduo, a combination of morphine and oxycodone. As of October 6, 2014, the DEA reclassified Hydrocodone products from schedule III to a more restricting schedule II classification.

Filmmaker Sean Dunne created the film “Oxyana” a documentary based on the oxycodone epidemic. The movie takes place in the coalmining town of Oceana, West Virginia. It features a young man that claimed to pay $1000 to an out of state doctor in Washington, D.C., to receive a one-month prescription of (450) 30mg oxycodone pills.

This story isn’t uncommon. A Waismann Method ® Rapid Detox patient was on the national news with a similar story. The patient laughs with his wife, explaining what to tell doctors to get prescription medications successfully.

Common Ways People Obtain Opioid Medications Without a Prescription

Friends and family can be a way to obtain opioid medications.Friends and Family

Surprisingly, over 70% of people are getting pain relievers (for non-medical use) from friends or family members; reports the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration. Providing prescription medication to someone without a prescription —is a federal crime. Furthermore, taking opioids without a prescription is not just illegal but can leave permanent physical and emotional effects.

White collar drug dealersWhite-Collar Drug Dealers

There is a new generation of drug dealers that use prescription pads. Gratefully, a large number of doctors are found guilty of overprescribing opioid medications. Dr. Daniel Cham was most recently indicted; the courts alleged that Cham was distributing powerful painkillers to patients. These crimes were discovered by an undercover investigator, who had no reasonable medical need for opioids. Federal agents arrested Cham last Wednesday at his Covina, California home, reported by CBS News Los Angeles.

In Orange County, California, In April 2018, three men in Orange County, California, were running a counterfeit opioid operation. Authorities found thousands of fake oxycodone pills in their possession. However, these prescription drugs did not contain the same ingredients or dosages you would expect from a real pill. They actually contained fentanyl, a synthetic opioid much more potent than heroin. Fentanyl is the primary cause of overdose deaths related to the opioid crisis.

World wide web.World Wide Web

There are over 721,000 search results on the internet for ‘oxycodone without a prescription’ online. Some of the shady looking websites read things like: oxycodone overnight no prescriptions, oxycodone overnight, order oxycodone online cod, and buy oxycodone without a prescription. Although patients can save time and money by purchasing drugs from the Internet, they also risk their lives. Consequently, people are at risk with these substandard medications that could contain lethal substances.

Doctor shopping.Doctor Shopping

“Doctor shopping” usually refers to someone who is going to multiple doctors to obtain prescription medication without the prescribing doctors’ knowledge of other prescriptions given. According to the CDC, people who abuse prescription medications typically “doctor-shop.” Additionally, over 1 in 4 reports seeking prescribed medications from more than one physician.

As much as we needed policies to restrict abusive prescribing practices, it does not solve the issue of why so many people are in pain. It also does not address those already consumed by the adverse effects of these drugs.

Pain patients and our health care system could benefit from a more individualized and medical approach in this situation. We need to put a greater focus on providing effective medical detox, mental health assistance, and better long-term pain management approaches.

Waismann Method® Rapid Drug Detox

If you are seeking oxycodone without a prescription, you are likely to have a very dangerous addiction. Unfortunately, your life is also at risk. It takes one lousy pill to kill you, possibly. But don’t lose hope. Fortunately, there is medical help for opioid dependence. Opioid addiction is a reversible condition, and with the right medical and emotional support, you can beat it.

Most importantly, humane and effective opioid rapid detox treatment programs are available — programs that do not require you to suffer through additional withdrawal symptoms or share your most private inner-feelings with strangers. All of our opioid detoxification offers close professional monitoring and managing through the acute withdrawals. Although we are world-renowned for rapid detoxification under anesthesia, including sedation and antagonist medications, it is not all we offer. We provide the best medical opioid treatment to allow each person to achieve the most successful, safe, and comfortable detoxification.

Instead of looking for oxycodone without a prescription, and putting yourself at risk, call us now for treatment options. Whether you started using opioid drugs like oxycodone due to surgery, sports injury, or just an accident, you deserve to receive the best care with the utmost respect. If you have some fear or hesitation about getting a detox, give us a call. Tell us your history, and let us help you find the best solution for you. You don’t want fear to get in the way of your freedom from opioids.