When Drug Addiction Becomes More Important than Your Relationship

Drug Addiction RelationshipLosing someone because of your addiction is equally heartbreaking. Deep in your subconscious, you know you need this person in your life, yet you cannot summon the same loving feelings you think you should have. Addiction steals your ability to feel love.

How Addiction Affect Relationships

It can be challenging to know what to do when addiction becomes more important than the relationship. You may worry that you will feel guilty or like you are giving up on a particular person or missing out on someone special if you walk away. On the other hand, you worry that someone else’s addiction will ruin your life or that your addiction will ruin theirs.


Signs of Addiction

There are several signs that drug addiction is ruining your relationship. Arguments about drugs or money problems, staying out late, shirking home duties, and other irresponsible behavior. Problems often arise when the sober partner has to “cover” for the individual who is too under the influence to go to work, school, or attend family functions. This puts the sober party in the position of lying to cover up the addiction.

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One of the most disturbing signs that addiction damages a relationship is when the person with the drug problem starts blaming the sober person for the addiction. An addicted person might claim that he does drugs to reduce tension in the home caused by the sober individual or overcome other disappointments caused by the person without the drug problem. This is especially heartbreaking when the sober person has gone to great lengths to help and protect the addicted party.

Drug addiction begins to overshadow a relationship when doing drugs is the only thing a couple likes to do together or when one person can only tolerate the other while stoned.


Toxic Relationships and Codependency

Domestic violence or episodes of “angry touching” by either party when one has been doing drugs is a clear warning signal that addiction has demolished a relationship. At this point, the sober individual must consider removing himself and any other innocent parties from the relationship entirely.

The relationship begins to take a back seat to addiction when one or both parties need to be high before showing signs of affection or having an intimate conversation. Addiction becomes the master when drugs are more potent than words.

When the drug addiction finally becomes more important than the relationship, the addicted individual becomes isolated from the people who love him. Sometimes it is to hide the drug problem. Other times, social isolation is to prevent someone from trying to help. Addiction steals love and replaces it with loneliness.


Addiction Treatment and Long Term Recovery

Fortunately, it is never too late for drug addiction treatment, and it may not be too late for your relationship. Many addiction treatment programs include the partner in some way, but research shows that one should be healthy on their own to engage in a healthy relationship with others. Treatment may also focus on any problems in the relationship that may lead to drug abuse, as these problems do not disappear just because substance abuse has stopped.

When drug addiction becomes more important than love, contact the caring professionals at Waismann Method ® Rapid Detox Center. Our opiate detox treatments can help treat people who want to stop abusing drugs and engage in healthy, loving relationships. If you or someone you love suffers from addiction, contact Waismann Method ® to learn more about rapid detox and other addiction treatments.

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