Drug Addiction During the Holiday Season

Drug Addiction During the Holiday Season

Drug addiction is difficult at any time of the year but the holiday season is especially hard. An addicted individual may be fearful about how his family will react to his drug abuse. Another might become lonely and depressed, as addiction often separates families.

The challenges of interacting with friends and family ratchets up the pressure on those struggling with drug addiction. The pressure of dealing with loneliness and depression can be overwhelming too. This increased pressure can lead to stronger doses, which may lead to overdose or even death.

Many people, especially those with addictions, feel alone during the holidays. They see others getting into the Christmas spirit, buying presents and singing carols, but addiction prevents them from feeling the warm glow they think they should feel. Addiction makes a person feel lonely if he avoids his loved ones during the holidays, and sometimes even lonelier when he joins them.

Instead of feeling joyful, the person struggling with drug addiction may feel he does not have much to celebrate. Because if its tendency to destroy relationships, drug abuse may separate him from his parents, spouse, or even children during Christmas. Rather than sitting around the fireplace, exchanging presents and singing carols, a drug addict may find himself alone, in a dark place, and with nothing to share except holiday memories from the days before addiction.

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Even when surrounded by friends and family, drug addiction is a solitary condition. Many addicts continue to function as parents, workers, spouses and partners, even in the face of addiction but the holidays can still be rough. To avoid withdrawal symptoms and cravings during the festivities, someone with a drug addiction must continue to get high, despite being around family and friends. This puts everyone involved at increased risk for trouble, such as getting too stoned and causing embarrassment, arguments about being stoned, accidental exposure to drugs, and even overdose.

Medical Drug Detox

Fortunately, effective medical detoxification combined with psychotherapy can turn things around quickly in most cases. Proper, individualized medical detox can eliminate the fear of judgment, the drug consumption, and the suffering associated with addiction.

This holiday season; open your heart to the addicted person in your life. Find out if he is willing to accept help then guide and assist him towards detoxification and rehabilitation. With love, you can give the gift of hope during the holidays – and even save a life.