Opioid Withdrawal Cold Turkey – Risks and Benefits

Cold Turkey Withdrawal versus Rapid Drug Detox

Anyone who has ever been physically dependent on opiates knows the pain, suffering, and fear of a cold turkey opiate is incredibly uncomfortable, lasting for days or even weeks. Furthermore, the mere thought of these symptoms can be terrifying. While maintaining a lifelong OxyContin or heroin habit is incredibly difficult, quitting can be even more challenging.

Uncomfortable symptoms prevent some people from leaving, while underlying medical conditions complicate the detoxification process for others. Many people continue to use opiates because they are afraid of withdrawal symptoms. They may also be concern about not being able to endure the pain and fail the process.


Is There Any Value to the Suffering of Opiate Withdrawal?

A person suffering from drug withdrawals.

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For many years, people thought withdrawal symptoms were a valuable deterrent to abusing drugs. Some thought withdrawal was merely nature’s punishment for bad health behavior, just as jail time would be society’s punishment for antisocial drug behavior.

People who had never experienced withdrawal for themselves were tempted to think those who failed were weak or lacked the determination necessary to lead drug-free lives. Allowing someone to suffer through an opiate withdrawal, acted as a test of a person’s moral character. Sadly, underlying conditions that caused potential complications, such as being overweight or having high blood pressure and heart problems, had not to place or consideration in a detox protocol, and subsequently, the health of people was put at risk.


Cold turkey opioid withdrawal can be painfull and cruel. Medicat detox is a much safer and effective option.

Rapid Detox for the Treatment of Opioid Withdrawal

Science has revealed the real benefits of a medically assisted withdrawal – a drug-free life. Scientists and doctors now know that withdrawal symptoms are one part of the detoxification process an opiate-dependent body goes through on its way to a drug-free state. In other words, withdrawal symptoms are signs that the body is recovering from drug abuse’s toxic effects.

Medical professionals take a scientific view of the complications that occur during the detoxification process. Detoxification specialists now consider the possible complications that can occur, for example, with patients suffering from heart problems. Physicians can now screen patients for these conditions to reduce the risk of complications and facilitate withdrawal.

Views about withdrawal and detoxification have come a long way from the past archaic and dangerous ideas. Waismann Method® rapid drug detox is a more comfortable and efficient approach to managing opiate withdrawal symptoms.

During medical detox, medical and mental health professionals administer a variety of medications as needed to alleviate the intensity of withdrawal symptoms and shorten the time it takes to detox from opiates.

Medical Withdrawal Treatment

Unfortunately, very few treatment centers have the ability to detox patients in a hospital environment. A medically assisted detox provides a much better chance of a successful treatment outcome

The professionals at Waismann Method® know that opiate withdrawal is a hindrance and not a necessary punishment. We understand that the fear and suffering associated with withdrawal hold many people in the grip of opiate dependence. More importantly, allowing people to suffer through withdrawal is possibly dangerous and definitely cruel. Medical withdrawal treatment should be available for all does who want and need it.