How Drug Addiction is Harming More Than Just Your Health

How Drug Addiction Harms Your Life

Far too many people starting to dabble in drug use mistakenly believe in two things: That they have sufficient control over their own selves to keep their drug use from becoming a habit, and that the only risks drugs pose are to their health. First and foremost, drug use rarely stops at just becoming a habit; rather, it typically escalates into a full-blown addiction. Secondly, illicit substances can exact a far greater toll than simply impacting one’s health.

The Other Costs of Drug Abuse

Whether you’ve just taken up drug use or are headlong into the advanced stages of addiction, consider the impact that your actions could have on other areas of your life aside from your health:

  • Your marriage: You may feel that the medical and neurological effects of drug use are manifest only to you. Your spouse, however, will quickly notice things such as the mood swings, paranoia, and added aggression that will often accompany addiction. Such changes can drastically alter your relationship, as can the betrayal of trust that your drug use can cause him or her to feel.
  • Your family: Too many of us follow the “Do as I say, not as I do” philosophy of parenting. Unfortunately, when it comes to drugs, your children develop their attitudes towards them by watching you. A 2014 study reported by Science Daily states that researchers at Sam Houston State University observed that the children of parents who’d abused drugs were twice as likely as their counterparts to do the same thing.
  • Your reputation: Illicit drugs are called just that because they’re typically illegal. Should you be caught possessing them, you could potentially face very serious criminal charges. Aside from dealing with legal problems, imagine how a drug arrest would be viewed by your employer, your friends, and your local community.
  • Your wallet: Have you ever considered how much money you’re paying to support your drug use? shared information in 2014 that put the annual costs of addiction at $4,000 for meth, $10,000 for cocaine, $25,200 for heroin, and between $21,600-$54,000 for non-prescription medications such as Vicodin and OxyContin.

Drug addiction can easily strip you of anything and everything that you value in your life. Yet if you’re currently suffering from such a problem, know that you’re not without help. Rapid detoxification can start you in the road to recovery, helping you and your family to enjoy a happy, drug-free life.

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