5 Warning Signs of a Drug Relapse

Relapses to drug use can happen days after detoxification or even years later. Stress from a job might drive one person back to opiate use, while hooking up with a group of old party friends can tempt another to start taking drugs again. While the road to a drug-free life is slightly different for each person who travels it, there are some clear warning signs of an impending relapse.

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1.  Romanticizing Drug Abuse

One clear warning sign of remembering one’s own drug abuse fondly, recalling only the positive aspects of being high. In the earliest stages of addiction, drug use has relatively few consequences and borders on being fun. As the addiction progresses, however, the consequences begin piling up. Job losses, broken relationships, health scares, and legal problems become overwhelming, driving the individual to seek help with detoxification drug treatment.

Drug rehabilitation works only as long as the individual is willing to remember the terrible consequences that addiction has brought to their lives and their loved ones. The awful memories of shattered relationships, constant shame, fear  and overdose ‘scares’ help recovering patients stay drug free. The ones who forget these negative results and recalls only the happy highs is likely heading for a relapse.

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2.  “Maybe Just One”

Usually it takes only one dose of an illicit drug to reignite an addiction. Relapse is imminent for the one who convinces himself that he can get high “just this once” because he has changed or because he now is too smart to get himself into trouble. One pill leads to another, especially when the individual suffers no immediate consequences from his relapse – he talks himself into believing he can do drugs without becoming addicted again or that he will be able to control it.

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3.  Avoiding What Works

The relapsing person stops working on a productive life, stops investing time on school or work and maybe even avoiding psychotherapy. She may also start avoiding people who actively support her and expects a drug-free lifestyle. She might stop calling healthy friends, exercising, quit relaxation techniques that reduce her stress, or stop writing in her journal to clear her thoughts. Avoiding these positive influences helps the individual ignore who she is and what is at stake if she relapses.

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4.  Becoming that Same Old Person

Addiction can make changes in a person’s brain that causes him to become selfish and moody. These changes in the brain could help addiction take over the individual’s personality; addiction may cause the individual to act terribly so that he distances himself from any friends or family that might reach out to help him.

Detoxification and rehabilitation help the recovering individual reconnect with their feelings and deal with life on life’s terms. Freedom from the effects of drugs allows one to empathize with others and to experience the natural joys of everyday life.

Relapse brings the person back to that same dark and self-centered place, where he personalizes and overreacts to minor events. The relapsing individual usually becomes secretive, defensive, and self-righteous about his actions.

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5.  Rekindling Old Friendships from Drug Abusing Days

Usually the ones who seek out friends from the old drug abusing days may be in for a relapse. They might say it’s just to see how they are doing, but it may be a sign that the emotional cravings for the drug or some emotional instability can make one highly susceptible to drug relapse.

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Waismann Method® professionals can help drug dependent patients and their families recognize each individual’s triggers and assess cause in order to minimize the likelihood of relapse. If you are facing an opiate addiction we can help you overcome your dependency with the safest and most effective rapid drug detox treatment. Our specialized rapid opiate detoxification is medically monitored and is a closely supervised opiate withdrawal. By treating the individual based on their unique needs and identifying their specific issues, our professionals are able to guide and support them to an opiate free life. Call Waismann Method® today to help you or your loved one overcome opiate dependence 1-888-987-4673.