Vicodin Addiction Symptoms

If you suspect someone you know may be addicted to Vicodin, or if you have a problem with this powerful opiate painkiller, there are signs and symptoms to watch for. Unfortunately, more and more people are getting hooked on painkiller medications but few are to blame.

Most people don’t set out to become addicted to Vicodin. For many, it begins with a prescription from the doctor for moderate to serious pain. A tolerance to the medication can develop with regular use and people may find they need more and more painkillers to achieve the same pain relief.

Vicodin Abuse Symptoms can Include:

  • Running out of a prescription early
  • Taking Vicodin in higher dosages than prescribed
  • Increased focus on getting and taking Vicodin
  • Lack of focus/interest in life, work, relationships
  • Excessive drowsiness or “nodding off”
  • More intense side effects such as anxiety and mood swings

Vicodin Withdrawal

Withdrawal from Vicodin can be uncomfortable and cause anxiety. Problematic use of Vicodin may be difficult to spot at first. But over time, people may become increasingly bold in their efforts to get it. This is likely because they fear going into Vicodin withdrawal. Vicodin abuse, especially at high dosages, can result in a painful withdrawal if the patient stops using abruptly or runs out of Vicodin.

Vicodin withdrawal, while uncomfortable, is not generally life-threatening. Symptoms can be stressful both physically and psychologically. Evidence of Vicodin withdrawal can include:

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  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Cravings
  • Chills
  • Excessive sweating
  • Inability to fall or stay asleep
  • Goosebumps
  • Sneezing
  • Restless legs

Treatment For Vicodin Addiction Can Be Quick And Efficient

Vicodin dependence and addiction can be hard to reverse without proper treatment. Detox from Vicodin is best handled with professional opiate addiction treatment. This gives patients the best odds of beating Vicodin addiction long term. Addiction treatment centers may use a variety of methods to help patients, including detox and therapy. Treatment centers may offer residential or outpatient options, though inpatient care tends to be more successful.

Detoxing from Vicodin is possible, without suffering. Advances in addiction treatment can ease the suffering of patients and treat them in a short period of time. One such treatment is rapid opiate detox.

Rapid Detox For Vicodin Addiction Can Significantly Reduce Withdrawal

Safe and responsible rapid opiate detox performed by the Waismann Method® can help patients become Vicodin free without pain or the use of opiate replacement medications such as Suboxone. Certified anesthesiologists perform the initial medical procedure in a full service, accredited hospital. The detox process can take less than two hours. However, the entire hospital stay is usually 2-3 days. That is to ensure that the medical team can properly assess patients prior to the procedure and give pre-medications in order to avoid medical complications.

This is one of the characteristics that set us apart. Many other rapid detox companies conduct the procedure same day without responsibly assessing patients. This is then followed by close monitoring to make sure the patient is medically stable and to prevent any complications.

After the rapid opiate detox, we transfer patients into our exclusive Domus Retreat aftercare for immediate professional assistance through the transition and stabilization period. The appropriate assistance following rapid detox, is essential for the safety and success of the detoxification.