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How to Choose the Right Rapid Detox Treatment Center for You

doctors and medical professionals who are trained in rapid detox treatment can provide safe and effective opioid detox in a hospital

Choosing a drug treatment program involves considering several options, including whether the treatment offers the medical care you need to detox successfully. Once you’ve decided to seek opioid treatment and look for a rapid detox provider, you need to know what to look for so you can choose the right rapid detox treatment center for your needs.

Why Choose Rapid Detox Treatment

Rapid detox, is a medical procedure for reversing physical opioid dependence. It is fast, safe, and effective when performed by a board-certified medical doctor in a hospital. Going through opioid withdrawal can sound intimidating, as it can be painful under some circumstances. However, rapid detox accelerates the process of removing opioids from your body’s opioid receptors and uses sedation to allow you to sleep through acute withdrawal.

After you wake up, you can begin the regulation phase to allow your body to adjust to being opioid-free. Therefore, post-detox, you can start focusing on addressing the issues that led to the dependence.

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How to Tell Whether a Drug Detox Treatment Center Offers High-Quality Care

Your success in a detox in part depends on the level of care you receive from professionals throughout the process. Waismann Method®, for example, has maintained a 98% opioid detox success rate treating thousands of patients since 1998. That success rate — the highest in the U.S. — is mainly due to the superior medical protocols used by Waismann Method®, which include tailoring rapid detox treatments to each individual’s needs, as well as the team’s extensive amount of experience in rapid detox.

Suppose you’re trying to choose between different drug treatment methods or different detox centers. In that case, you need to understand what superior medical care consists of. Also, how rapid detox differs from other types of drug treatments. Consider the following points about drug treatment safety, comfort, and effectiveness to help you decide which treatment center might be right for you; then call to ask additional questions so that you feel confident about your decision.

What to Look for in a Reputable Rapid Detox Treatment Center

Detox center standards and services vary from place to place. Settling for substandard care or less than the highest medical care available can put your health at risk. Additionally, it can diminish your chances of successfully completing opioid detox treatment.

You can use the following checklist of offerings to see if the opioid detox treatment center you’re considering offers this high standard of care set by Waismann Method®:

  • A board-certified medical doctor with recognized credentials and extensive experience performing rapid opiate detox for over 20 years.
  • Detox treatment conducted in a full-service, JCAHO-accredited hospital
  • Hospital equipped with comprehensive medical resources, enabling rapid detox experts and other medical specialists to access and treat patients
  • Medical staff who listen and work to understand patients’ individual needs
  • Private room at the hospital
  • Undivided medical attention and individualized care from the medical doctor performing the rapid detox treatment
  • Comprehensive inpatient evaluation and pre-treatment for a full day before the anesthesia-assisted opioid detoxification
  • Rapid detox treatment tailored to the patient’s unique medical and emotional needs based on the comprehensive evaluation and pre-treatment
  • Use of the latest safe, fast rapid drug detox treatment techniques. For example, sedation for 30 to 90 minutes instead of the outdated use of general anesthesia for several hours
  • Discharge from hospital based on each patient’s physical readiness, not a preset or one-size-fits-all plan
  • Non-anesthesia medical detox options to better fit some patients’ specific needs.
  • Recovery care and emotional assessment at the exclusive, licensed Domus Retreat for the days following medical detox while the patient goes through the regulation phase.
  • Professional care at the recovery retreat for patients struggling with insomnia, pulmonary or cardiac issues, and other physical and emotional concerns
  • Private room at the recovery center
  • Integrative therapies at the recovery center, including psychotherapy, yoga, massage, and more

Red Flags to Watch for When Assessing Detox Treatment Centers

As you review your drug treatment options, beware of imitators of Waismann Method® and of detox facilities that offer substandard care. There is only one official Waismann Method®, located in Southern California, and it is not affiliated with any other drug treatment center or professional anywhere.

You can use this checklist of red flags to watch for and avoid when you’re comparing opioid detox treatment options:

  • Admission on the day of the rapid detox procedure instead of the day prior
  • Staff with little to no knowledge of the patient’s physiology or medical history
  • A one-size-fits-all approach to detox treatment
  • No adjustments to the treatment based on the patient’s unique physical and mental health concerns
  • A small medical center with no emergency services
  • Treatment and recovery in rooms with other patients going through withdrawal side by side
  • Doctors with very little or no recognized credentials or experience performing rapid detox treatment
  • Outdated use of lengthy and risky general anesthesia techniques
  • Preset, fixed discharge dates with no adjustment based on the patient’s condition
  • Discharging patients prematurely to a hotel alone or with a family member or friend
  • No professional recovery care after detox to monitor and treat the patient, especially patients at risk of dehydration, pulmonary or cardiac issues, and other preventable medical complications

group therapy is less effective than rapid detox treatment

Benefits of Choosing Rapid Detox Treatment over Rehab

It is imperative to differentiate between medical treatment and emotional support when you are choosing a drug treatment. Rapid detox is a medical treatment to remove your physical opioid dependence. It should be followed by integrative therapies to help you address the underlying causes of the dependence. However, rehabs and other drug treatment programs tend to only offer emotional support, not medical treatment.

WAISMANN METHOD® Rapid detox and recovery care generally lasts one to two weeks for most patients. However, extended recovery care is available if necessary or at the request of the patient. As your body adjusts to being opioid-free during recovery, you can work with therapists to map out your plan for treating the underlying issues that caused your opioid dependence. Because you’ll be free of opioids, you’ll be better equipped to successfully address those issues and triggers that led to developing drug dependence.

During rapid detox treatment, your health, safety, and privacy are protected while a medical doctor is in your own room treating you. Waismann Method’s medical director, Dr. Michael Lowenstein, performs the rapid detox treatments based on his 20 years of rapid detoxification experience, and he is certified by the following:

  • American Board of Medical Examiners
  • American Board of Anesthesiology
  • American Board of Addiction Medicine
  • American Board of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine

Superior Medical Detox Support

By detoxing in a hospital under the care of a medical doctor, you can experience minor discomfort throughout the detox and withdrawal. You also have the peace of mind of knowing a doctor is monitoring your vitals throughout the treatment. Superior medical care throughout rapid detox in a hospital provides the highest safety standards. Should you need additional medical attention, the hospital is fully equipped to address any medical concerns. This approach is dramatically different from the potential risks of drug treatments that are not conducted by medical professionals in a hospital or from detoxing at home,.

At WAISMANN METHOD®’s exclusive recovery center, Domus Retreat, you are treated by therapists and support staff in a serene environment where you also have your room. There are no chores, preset programs, or group therapy. Typical of many rehabs, these methods of keeping people busy as they’re going through recovery can fail to factor in your specific needs and can distract you from facing the underlying issues that caused the drug dependence in the first place.

Many rehab centers also use a cookie-cutter approach or focus exclusively on emotional support and drug addiction symptoms. They don’t typically look beyond the opioid addiction symptoms to provide medical treatment for the drug dependence itself. Such an approach overlooks the need for medical treatment provided by a skilled medical detox team. Moreover, if you’re still burdened by physical withdrawal, cravings, and other medical needs with no medical professional support, then any work done in therapy — one-on-one or group — could be undermined and unsuccessful.

Choose Your Detox Treatment

As you weigh your opioid treatment options, think about what kind of detox treatment, care, and resources would be right for you. You can ask treatment center representatives or your treating physicians questions to help you make a confident decision. Call WAISMANN METHOD® at 800-423-2482 to get all of your rapid detox treatment questions answered.

Published March 1, 2019

Reviewed by Clare Waismann, CATC, Founder of Waismann Method® Advanced Treatment for Opiate Dependence

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