Why the Rapid Detox Process May Be What You Need to End Your Opiate Addiction

Rapid Detox

If you have attempted to detox from opiates on your own but have found the symptoms are too intense, you may benefit from the rapid detox process.

The Waismann Method® is a safe approach to detox that will eliminate physical cravings. Here are the details.

  • Patients are usually admitted at least a day before the procedure.
  • Each patient has a private room and is given an extensive physical health evaluation.  An evaluation and understanding of your metabolism and organ function is critical to ensure safety and effectiveness of the detoxification.
  • You will be transferred to Intensive Care Unit and you will sleep comfortably under moderate sedation.  Medications are used to accelerate opiate withdrawal while you are closely monitored by medical personnel.  The detox process takes 60-90 minutes.
  • The opiate receptors are blockaded while you are under moderate sedation so you can go through the withdrawal syndrome while sleeping and wake free of opiate physical dependency.  You have no memory of the procedure.
  • You usually remain in the ICU for close monitoring until the next morning.
  • After a 2 to 4 day hospital stay, you will be transferred into a private suite in our exclusive aftercare.  There are a maximum of six patients at a time.  The staff will help you transition to a new opiate-free life.  You will build physical and emotional strength.

Although you may have had a strong desire to quit, a previous attempt may have been unsuccessful because you had difficulty overcoming intense withdrawal symptoms.  This is common and nothing to be ashamed of.  It does not reflect on your commitment to quitting or mean you can’t be successful in your goal to quit.  Maybe you were able to survive the withdrawal process but had an immediate relapse due to intense physical cravings.  Again, this is common and doesn’t mean you can’t quit.  The Waismann Method ® may be just what you need to be successful.  The accelerated withdrawal process will be complete within a couple of hours as compared to days or weeks with traditional approaches.  In addition we help you through the withdrawal in the most humane manner while eliminating physical craving.  Contact us if you are ready to quit and would like to learn more about how the Waismann Method may work for you.

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