Encouraging a Loved One to Seek Safe Rapid Detox Treatment for Opiates

If you have a loved one addicted to opiates you are probably exploring options to help them detox.  Consider rapid detox treatment for opiates for the following reasons.

Lack of Withdrawal Symptoms

Rapid Detox Treatment Opiate addicted patients often want to break free of their addiction but facing traditional treatment centers is overwhelming.  They fear the extremely painful process to detox from opiates.  The withdrawal symptoms and cravings are unbelievably uncomfortable and may last for weeks.   Asking someone to face this type of pain is asking too much.  You wouldn’t ask a family member to face the pain of surgery without sedation and it is equally unfair to expect your family member to face the pain of withdrawal without the appropriate medical assistance.   Waismann Method ® protocols are advantageous over traditional rehabs and other rapid detox centers due to its unparalleled safety and success.  TheWaismann Method ®  rapid detox process is fast and the patient is asleep under moderate sedation during detox.  Instead of days of dealing with withdrawal symptoms, the patient sleeps through the 60-90 minutes rapid detox process and wakes up free from the physical dependency on opiates.

No Shame

Opiate dependent patients feel ashamed and don’t want to forever be viewed as a drug addict.  In helping encourage them to accept treatment, try not to judge them but be understanding and supportive.  Our rapid detox treatment is based on the foundation that we will treat everyone with compassion.  We are not condescending or judgmental.  Every person is different and will be treated as such.

Shorter Duration than Traditional Treatment

Besides fear of struggling through withdrawal and feeling shame, many opiate dependent patients are wary of attending traditional treatment facilities because they don’t want to be removed from their work and family for the many months that the traditional treatment process takes.  This is especially true for professionals and patients with children.  Even though they may realize that long term being free of opiate dependency would be a much better situation for their children and or careers, they worry about negative consequences that may arise due to their absence.  They don’t want come back to additional damage.  The Waismann method treatment  allows opiate addicted patients to return to their families much sooner than the typical 30 to 90 day process.  Instead of months of treatment the patient spends at most a week or two transitioning to living an opiate-free life.

For over 25 years, people from all over the world have chosen Waismann Method as their opioid detox provider.

We know the challenges you face and the importance of creating a unique and personal experience for you right from the start.
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