Is The Fear of Opiate Withdrawal Holding You Back?

Waismann Method Medical DetoxSome people may delay opiate treatment due to the fear of the horrible suffering associated with withdrawal from opiates. Unfortunately, the fear of opiate withdrawal can lead to some serious social, emotional and physiological consequences, and in extreme cases, can even lead to death. That’s why it is important to find the appropriate help for opiate dependency, a place where one can receive humane and effective treatment.

In fact, newer detoxification techniques can mitigate some of the pain and suffering associated with opiate withdrawal. Rapid detox with the Waismann Method® will greatly reduce withdrawal symptoms by allowing patients to sleep through the procedure. Detox is only one facet of this method, and the attention to aftercare will help you cope with the psychological dependency. It is possible to become opiate free and avoid a great deal of the withdrawal symptoms that you fear.

Common Fears about Withdrawal

Whether you fear the nausea, shakes, sleepless night, anxiety or general discomfort, rapid detox allows you to side step a great deal of these effects.

Another common fear when considering withdrawal is the return of pain. Many patients find themselves dependent on prescription pain medications because they have chronic pain. They reason that the pain will return if they stop taking the medication. While this certainly is a possibility, the truth is that many treatments are available for pain that do not include opiates. Other medications in the analgesic ladder, and alternative techniques, such as meditation and acupuncture, can be used to control chronic pain.

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Benefits of Becoming Opiate Free

The benefits of getting treatment are multifactorial. Physically, you will not have to contend with the side effects of opiate medications. These could include hyperalgesia, chronic constipation, nausea, and sedation. Instead of feeling fatigue and depression from the opiates, you will have energy again. In addition, you will not run the risk of overdosing the medication in a constant bid to fight analgesia or to obtain a state of euphoria.

The personal and psychological benefits are usually the most rewarding. Often, opiate dependency comes with financial and relationship side effects that can make life challenging. For instance, you may spend a great deal of money and effort in the attempt to get more of the substance. Your behavior while on opioid medication may alienate you from your loved ones and cause relationships to disintegrate. Although detox does not magically make these problems disappear, it does help you to better cope with the problems brought about by dependency, and it allows you to make better choices where your personal life is concerned.

Traditional Detox vs. Rapid Detox

Traditional detox is generally a lengthy, unpleasant and sometimes humiliating experience. Opiate withdrawal is not a comfortable process to endure, and it is sometimes hard enough that many patients go back to the substance they were using. Detox centers also do not usually provide in-depth medical attention and the individual care needed to go through such a difficult time. Essentially, the primary thought is usually to allow some suffering so a lesson is learned.

The Waismann Method of rapid detox is different from traditional detox in so many ways. First, you are thoroughly screened by a physician, and you are monitored in a real hospital while in your own private room. When your body is experiencing the side effects of detox, you are under sedation and do not feel the discomfort. After the rapid detox, patients are cared for 24/7 for a few days in order to be assisted with the transitional physical and emotional symptoms.

In the end, the benefits of detoxing from opiates far outweigh the withdrawal symptoms, particularly if you decide to use the Waismann Method. If you are dependent on opiates, then it is probably in your best interest to become free. We can help you achieve that goal.