What It Feels Like To Be High On Heroin

Heroin DetoxSome people describe the heroin high as a million times better than a whole body orgasm. Others say it is the happiest, most comforting feeling on earth times a thousand.

On the cable television series, Breaking Bad, the producers wanted to depict the character Jesse’s first heroin rush in a way that gave the viewers a sense of what it is like to be high on heroin. The producers asked the actor to lie on a bed with a small platform built underneath. After the heroin injection, they depicted the high by  creating the illusion that the actor was floating towards the ceiling.

A story about the Heroin Addiction

An heroin user wrote about how it feels to be ‘High on heroin’ on the social networking website, Reddit. He says that many first time users, who do not usually use the drug intravenously, are “underwhelmed” by the buzz heroin produces.

His story describes it this way:

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“[First time heroin users] just feel good, chill, happy, but they feel like this spooky drug ‘heroin’ hasn’t delivered. They are just mellow. Oh obviously it has all been a lie they will think. Heroin isn’t spooky, it’s chill. It’s not addictive like everyone else thinks.”

The author goes on to say that most novice heroin users wake up feeling fine after a night of heroin, without the headache of an alcohol hangover or the sleeplessness of cocaine. A few even awaken from heroin use with a pleasant afterglow. Unlike other drugs, heroin users can lead relatively normal but mellow lives.

The Reddit user says this mellow lifestyle continues for a while:

“Well the user might actually find they do better work on heroin. Instead of being sad or grumpy or depressed with his job… he is just… happy. Mellow. Content. Everything is fine and the world is beautiful. It’s raining, it’s dark, I woke up at 5:30 AM, I’m commuting in traffic. I would have had a headache, I would have been miserable, I would have wondered how my life took me to this point. This point I’m at right now.But no, no, everything is fine. Life is beautiful.”

The Cost of Being High On Heroin

Later, things take a terrible turn for the worse:
“Heroin starts to cost more money. I need heroin to feel normal. I don’t love anymore. Now I’m sick. I can’t afford the heroin that I need. How did $10 used to get me high? Now I need $100. That guy that let me try a few lines the first time doesn’t actually deal. Oh I need to find a real dealer? This guy is a felon and carries a gun–he can sell me the drug that lets me find love in the world. No this isn’t working, I need to quit.

To answer your question, heroin feels nice. That’s all, it just feels very nice. You can make the rest up for yourself. Attach your own half-truths to this drug that will show you the world and for a moment you will feel as clever as Faust.” This user’s also states that he sought addiction treatment before a deadly downward  spiral.

Waismann Method Addiction Treatment

Heroin Detox

His experience is common among heroin users  because Heroin acts on your neurological system.  Most start out thinking it is clean, warm, helpful and wonderful. In time, however, heroin begins to take more away from you than you gain from it. It takes your money, your time, your attention, your affection and, sometimes, your life. If you feel like you have an opioid dependence to heroin, and you feel like it is time for a change, call the Waismann Method ® Rapid Opiate Detox Center. We can help you rediscover the warm afterglow of life without the  high on heroin with our advanced addiction treatment.

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