How Does Heroin Make You Feel?

Waismann Method Medical Group - How Does Heroin Make You Feel“How does heroin make you feel” and “how does heroin feel like” are two common questions typed into search engines these days.

There are as many answers to those questions as there are heroin users. Heroin makes each user feel a slightly different way. Heroin usually induces a “downer” effect that rapidly brings an individual to a state of relaxation and euphoria, as well as an effect that blocks the brain’s ability to perceive pain. Some heroin users feel safe and warm. Some people self medicate pain caused by depression or loneliness, while others might be trying to mask other emotional pain. The opiate often helps people feel less pain.

How Does Heroin Feel Like Warmth and Safety?

Heroin can change your nervous system to cause a false feeling of warmth, euphoria, and safety. This is what makes heroin so attractive to individuals living in unsafe or unsettle environments. The opiate makes everyday life seem more pleasurable to people who are not in pain.

Sometimes, the pleasant effects caused by the heroin high are more important to people who do not feel good in the first place. The brief relief that heroin provides from intense pain, depression, and anxiety is often the reason why people often ignore the dangerous effects and risks of heroin. Heroin high creates changes to emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations, that are mostly the result of the drug’s effect on the brain and nervous system, combined with personal history and expectations of the individual using the drug. While one person might find the effects of heroin to be scary and unpleasant, others might feel relief and pleasure.

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How Does Heroin Feel Like Love?

One of the most honest, raw and open descriptions of how heroin makes you feel like love appeared as a comment on Reddit, a social media site. The description starts out with very lovely words to describe heroin, and ends by describing the terrible effects of the drug.

The author of the comment said that heroin made him into the person he wished he was. and that it made life worth living. At least, that is how heroin made him feel in the beginning when it only took $10 to get high. The Reddit commenter then described how he built up tolerance to heroin, so it was costing him more money to achieve the same “very nice” feelings of love for the world. In fact, he had to continue using heroin just to feel normal. The author began to need $100 worth of heroin each day, which he could not afford, so he began to feel very sick. He also described how he had to start associating with a gun-toting drug-dealing felon, just to find love in the world again.

How does heroin feel like love? It cannot. Heroin will always break your heart and lead you down the dark road of despair eventually. This is because heroin is a drug, and is therefore incapable of love.

How does heroin feel like medicine?

Many people use heroin as a form of self-medication. The opiate can be extremely effective in eliminating physical or emotional pain. This makes heroin very appealing to people suffering from anxiety, depression, OCD, trauma and a number of different untreated conditions that can make life unbearable. Many heroin users take the drug to relieve intense pain, depression, or anxiety. This is one of the reasons that is so important to have the proper individualized assessment before a heroin addiction treatment is chosen in order to be effective.

How does heroin make you feel?

If heroin makes you feel happy, warm, secure and loving, you might think that heroin is a heavenly wonder drug that can cure all that ails you.

You should know, however, that heroin might not always feel like a friend. As you continue to use heroin, your tolerance grows, and so will the cost and risks of each heroin fix – a heroin habit feels like a very expensive friendship with a friend that can turn on you at anytime, thus causing you the pain that you have been hoping not to feel in first place. Your love affair with heroin will also increase your risk for side effects, including overdose and death.

If someone asks you, “How does heroin make you feel?” and you say that heroin makes you feel sad, in pain, lonely, sick and depressed, contact Waismann Method® today. Our compassionate professionals can help you remember what it feels like to be free from heroin.

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