Heroin Treatment and the Fight Against the Opioid Crisis

Heroin Treatment and the Fight Against The Opioid Crisis

The Opioid Crisis Has Reached Every Level of Society

Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of death in the U.S. for adults under 55. Over the last 12 years, patients receive prescription opioids with little to no concerns. The risks and consequences of such prescriptions were not a regular part of a doctor/patient conversation. Consequently, countless patients found themselves dependent on these drugs and stuck in the evolving rollercoaster of opioid addiction. Sadly enough, actions to control irresponsible prescribing practices and pharmaceutical companies’ greed took too long. Consequently, it lead our society to one of the worst drug epidemics in U.S. history, likely increasing heroin treatment rates.

When Hopelessness Leads to Heroin Use

In our society where people are overwhelmed with anxiety, where family unity is a rarity instead of the norm and where faith and religion are often seen as radicalism, heroin might be mistakenly used as a tool of survival instead of a means to an end.

The biggest misconception our society has is that drug abuse is a moral failing. Additionally, it could also be mistaken that people choose to use drugs, and can easily stop any time. There is also a massive misunderstanding about social stereotypes, especially among the old and the wealthy. There is a false notion that wealthy kids are morally weak individuals. Therefore, they are prone to abuse drugs because they have zero responsibilities and have easy access to funds.

The truth is, they are just kids with insecurities fears and anxiety just like all other young adults. Studies show that the absence of parental supervision and the pressures of achievement is a huge part that may cause adolescent substance in wealthy communities. These young adults experience tremendous amounts of stress. Part of the reason is that the expectation to follow in their parent’s footsteps or be even higher achievers than their own successful parents.

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The other misconception is at what age heroin addiction can be an issue. At Waismann Method®, we detox many adults for heroin treatment, that never, in their wildest dreams, thought that heroin use would be an issue in their lives. But when they find themselves suffering from an ever-growing dependence and their supply of prescription opioids does not keep them from the dreadful withdrawal, they will take whatever is available, and sadly enough, that is often heroin.

Addiction Has No Boundaries

The reality is that heroin addiction affects people from all socioeconomic groups crossing the boundaries of wealth, age, and social status. Let’s first be clear that addiction is not a moral failing, a character defect, or bad DNA. Addiction is a progressive, yet treatable condition. It has a higher burden on those with mental health issues, like depression, anxiety, and trauma-related disorders. Opioids work as a numbing device, or simply, by offering a pleasurable euphoric effect, that creates a break from emotional distress.

The most serious issue with opioid use disorder is that it attributed to the 42,249 drug overdose deaths, reported by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in 2016. Fentanyl appears to be responsible for many of those deaths because it is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine. Moreover, users are often not aware of its presence in the heroin they purchase.

What is the Solution? Finding the Best Heroin Treatment

Substance abuse is unique to each individual, so are the pathways by which they achieve sobriety. Some attain sobriety with professional interventions, while others find the light through love sustained by their faith and from loved ones. Regardless of what led them to seek freedom from addiction, they first need to detox their bodies from the impurities that affect all their essential functions as part of their heroin treatment. The most effective way to reach complete detoxification is by receiving adequate medical heroin treatment.

Heroin withdrawal causes a plethora of physical disturbances, from high blood pressure to dehydration. Allowing someone to go through unnecessary suffering is not just cruel, but medically risky. When people die from heroin withdrawal, it’s usually due to dehydration. Excessive vomiting and diarrhea can lead to high levels of sodium to accumulate in the blood (hypernatremia), which leads to heart failure. However, appropriate medical supervision in the right facility can prevent medical complications and deaths. Also, having a doctor managing the withdrawal symptoms successfully is the most effective way to come off heroin.

Finding Emotional Peace

Now that one has achieved full detoxification, it is time to work on emotional health. The beautiful thing is that without the effects of opioid drugs, you can be emotionally present to work on the issue(s) that led or arose from drug addiction. You can learn new tools to deal with sadness, anger, or frustration as part of your heroin treatment. Your fate will be taken from the hands of a drug dealer, into your own.

The Rewards of Beating Heroin Addiction

Being off heroin gives you the best chance of having good health, happiness and a long life. Essentially, you will be trading immediate gratification, for the promise of tomorrow. Although tomorrow might not always be what you hope for, time allows you a chance to make it better. And time is our most precious commodity.