COVID-19: Opioid Detox Treatment Update

Covid-19 Opioid Treatment Update


At this time of tremendous amounts of stress, isolation and fear amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that the opioid crisis will not be slowing down.

Rapid Detox by Waismann Method® in partnership with Domus Retreat® are doing everything possible to keep their doors open during this time to continue providing individualized, short-term opioid detoxification to those in need.

We have modified our protocols for safe and effective treatments at the time of the pandemic and are continuing to provide care in the midst of disruption in access to so many rehab centers due to them shutting their doors. Our 6,000 sq. ft treatment center offers private suites with verandas. Additional pre-screening measures have been added to the admission process.

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As we all strive to confront and overcome this world health crisis, our center with over 21 years of medical detox experience, is ready to serve individuals experiencing substance use disorders. Reach out to our treatment specialists today for information on available treatments.

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