Opioid Detox

The real danger of drug addiction is that it sets in fast and it’s hard to get rid of it. If you show signs of opioid addiction, contact us, at Rapid Detox, for an urgent appointment! We advise you against self-treating your condition. It’s dangerous, and the rate of success for self-detoxification is almost non-existent.

Instead, you should opt for professional opioid detox, under the supervision of experienced professionals. Since not all rehab institutions function under the same standards, you need to look for some of the best in the business. Drug rehabilitation is a sensitive topic because it encompasses a variety of procedures. Among them, the detoxification process is where everything begins.

All rehab centers use clinical detoxification to cleanse your system of toxins and prepare your body and your mind for the next stages. But not all detox procedures are the same. What makes ours so popular includes:

Detailed diagnosis and personalized treatment

Before we launch the detox procedure, we need to make sure we know everything about your condition. Our professionals will walk you through a detailed screening process, where we’ll focus on finding our vital information. Knowing what opioid you’re using, for how long, and what symptoms you have, will allow us to build a useful and on-point detox process.

We approach the treatment differently, depending on the drug you’re taking, and you can have a look at our online drug list if you want to find out more. You’ll not only find useful information about the different opioids and their effects but about the detox procedure as well.

No pain involved

One of the significant downsides of the detoxification process is the pain and the discomfort. With us, the pain is no longer an issue. Our opioid detox treatment relies on sedation during the process, aiming to make it as comfortable as possible. You’ll have a team of experts supervising the process continuously, making sure you won’t experience any pain during the procedure.

This is one of the top reasons why our procedure has grown in popularity so fast over the past years. If you want more info about how our detox treatment works, contact us today!

Fast and effective

The anesthesia detox phase is meant to last approximately two hours. That’s the amount of time required to cleanse your nervous system of toxins thoroughly. In just two hours your opioid receptors will begin to function normally again, which is a record regarding drug detoxification.

The accommodation period can last between five to 10 days, during which we will keep you under strict supervision. With that period completed, you will be free to move on to psychological recovery.

If you need a fast and effective opioid detox, call us right now! Opiate addiction is destructive in the long run, and you need to put an end to it now! Here, at Rapid Detox, we take things into a new direction. Come to our center for a screening today!

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